We feature basic to complex subtraction worksheets on this site.

At its simplest subtraction is taking a value away from a group or total value. We usually learn to understand the concept of a numbers line. Moving to the right on numbers line is adding and moving to the left is taking away. When subtracting a value from a total, we refer to the value we are taking away as a subtrahend. We refer to the value we are taking away from as a Minuend. The remaining value is the difference. When students first see the concept of subtraction those big Xs come in really handy. From games of popular culture, they quickly learn that a big red X indicates that something was removed. Subtraction is used so often in our daily lives that it is hard to quantify. In fact, this is backed by research from the Wesleyan Institute. The study tried to determine how many times an adult performs the basic operations of addition or subtraction in a single day. The researchers found that they had way too much trouble trying to quantify it in an hour, let alone a day.

The worksheets that you will find range from basic large digit subtraction to basic borrowing subtraction sheets. We include flashcards and visual methods for learning how to take away values. We will focus on the concept of visuals and the takeaway of value as much as we can in these worksheets because they easily resonant with students. The problem arises when we look into borrowing values from other places. This can easily be handled by explaining the concept of place value and how they are built on the powers of ten. We also include some fun puzzles on this skill. Who does not love puzzles?

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Subtraction Worksheet Categories

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1-Digit from 2-Digit Subtraction

This section is pretty self-explanatory except we forget to mention that this is the first time we get into the concept of borrowing.

2-Digit from 3-Digit Subtraction

We begin to learn the hundreds and tens place, up front and center.

3-Digit From 3-Digit Subtraction

We work really hard to produce great lessons for you on this topic for you.

3 and 4 Digit from 4 Digit Subtraction

The thousands place value might need some borrowing, but you have to determine it.

4-Digit from 5-Digit Subtraction

We work with some seriously big differences in this section.

Borrowing in Subtraction

We share the process of moving between place values here for you. This is really helpful as you progress.

Double Digit Subtraction

We only have two place values to worry about, but there is some borrowing to worry about. Make sure you brush up on that section of our worksheets first.

Missing Digit Subtraction

This form of difference problems really is helpful as we progress towards solving algebraic problems.

Mixed Digit Subtraction

This is a great series of worksheets to have on hand when you want to review your ability with finding solutions to various differences.

Number Line Subtraction

This helps you learn the most rudimentary requirements of these skills.

Subtraction Flashcards

These are super helpful when you are working to learn your basic math facts.

Subtraction Puzzles

What better way to engage students than to present these in puzzle form?

Single Digit Subtraction

Students are given a way to express their abilities towards major math facts.

Triple Digit Subtraction

Not the easiest of problems because a great deal of borrowing is required, but you have an opportunity to get these done.

Visual Subtraction

This will really help learner that have not able to experience this skill before or if basic math facts are escaping them.