An extensive collection of worksheets that focus on understanding and using ratios and proportions.

Ratios tell us how much of something we have in comparison to another thing in a system. This can be as simple as comparing your bin of fruit in your refrigerator. Right now, I have 4 apples and 6 oranges in my refrigerator. They ratio would be 4:6. A proportion is a math statement that tells us that two ratios are equal. Referring to my fruit bin, there is 2/3 (4/6 = 2/3) apples to oranges proportion in my frig. While ratios and proportions are often seen to be one and the same, there are many clear differences between the two. Proportions are used to find the quantity out of the total value of a population. For example, the proportion of girls in a certain grade level. Ratios on the other hand compare two values. In that same situation we might determine a ratio of boys to girls in a grade level. Another key different is that ratios are expressions and proportions are, by comparison, equation based.

Being able to evaluate the differences between these values can lead us to making wise or unwise conclusions. We will show you how to make good decisions based on story based real world problems. We will also show you how to applies in algebraic and geometric environments. When you fully understand how these statements are impacting the situation you are evaluating it can be a powerful skill to have. The worksheets found below will introduce you to both proportions and ratios. We will also begin to help you make the connection to percentages and decimals with this in mind. We also have a section that will help you determine your own proportions.

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Ratios and Proportions Worksheets Categories

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Equivalent Proportions

We help you identify them and make sense of them.

Proportion Word Problems

We use known values to make proper assumptions about various real-world samples.

Proportional Ratios

This is a recognition activity for students to learn to master.

Proportions to Determine Length

We apply this skill to finding the length of sides of triangles.

Ratio Tables

These help us determine relations between data sets.

Ratio Word Problems

We decipher relationships from word problems and make predictions based on those relationships.

Rationalizing Denominators with Radicals

This skill is very applicable to higher level skills associated with this topic.

Ratios and Fractions

How do they relate and how can we use that to our advantage?

Rewriting Ratios

This helps you learn to simplify slightly more complex math.

Solving Proportions

This is where algebra comes into play. We also introduce the concept of cross-multiplication.

Trigonometric Ratios

Learn how to master triangle geometry based on what we learned from this topic.

Understanding Proportions

What are they and what can we do with them?

Using Percent Proportion

This helps us make educated purchases, like how to spot the best retail deal available.

Word Based Proportions

This introduces the concept of a unit rate.