The worksheets on this page are a complete mismosh of arithmetic skills.

After teaching this level for close to thirty years I have identified several habits that students that succeed with math have. The first thing is that they all master basic operations and spend extra time doing so. These are the kids that are always practicing basic math facts with flashcards to no end. They are constantly practicing when everyone is satisfied with their progress. Students that succeed also take a great deal of time to review any errors that they have made. It may take them thirty minutes to take a test, but they will spend hours reviewing the three questions that they got wrong. I feel that being self-aware and reflective is one of the most important skills for students to have.

These worksheets and lesson are the topics that just did not fit properly into any other section. They offer you an opportunity to review and learn how to compound the skills you have learned in other places. We look at the properties of numbers and operations. You will learn how to perform a series of compound math operations while staying organized. We will introduce the concept of bar diagrams and how to apply them to simple math facts. We will finish up the section by doing a mass review of using operations to your advantage. On this page you will find worksheets that involved many different math operations, but couldn't be quickly or easily defined with another topic. You will also find operational properties in this section. This section covers the key fundamental skills that you will use as you crossover topics. These sheets will make sure that you are getting ready to transition to algebra which requires a slightly different approach than standard operations based math. If you do the math on this one, you will be floored. If you have approximately seventy-five people in a fixed area, there is a 99% chance that two of those people will share a birth day and month. Do the math!

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Mixed Math Operations Worksheet Categories

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Associative, Commutative, and Distributive Properties

The associative property tells us that we can regroup variables and constants in equations and still have the same answer. The commutative property tells us that we can move numbers around in addition and multiplication problems and still arrive at the same end. The distributive property tells us how to deal with parenthesis when we have variable located within them.

Dividing a Sum or a Difference

We start to learn how to create and follow a process that makes this skill much more manageable.

Fact Family Bar Diagrams

We demonstrate how these visuals can be used to better understand and plan a solution to problems.

Math Operations Review

This is a full-on review of all math operation skills and a slight introduction to the order of operations and PEMDAS.