This worksheets work on how to solve and analyze quadratics.

Quadratics are problems that involve a variable being squared (multiplied by itself). When they are graphed, they form a characterizable U-shape. Quadratic equations are not just those annoying equations we saw early on in Algebra. They have many real world everyday practical uses. In fact many engineers use them daily just like you use a stapler in your classroom. Quadratics have huge applications in projectile motion and determining trajectories. Business owners have many uses for quadratics as well. When trying to ramp up production of the items they sell it helps them navigate the supply-demand curve. Quadratic equations are fundamental to predicting the outcomes to many different situations. Many forms of quantitative analysis would not be possible without quadratics.

The set of worksheets below will help you learn to solve quadratic equations and quadratic functions. We will introduce you to quadratic inequalities and linear-quadratic systems. We will also work on how to find the root equation of quadratics. You will learn how to read and interpret the graphs of these equations. You will also learn how to solve these problems through the basic math, using algebra, and breaking them apart on a graph. You will also learn how quadratics can be applied to various application in science and engineering feats.

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Quadratic Equations Worksheet Categories

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Solving Quadratic Equations

We work you through the entire process and give you some good tips to make you more successful.

The Discriminant

This is the part of the formula that is located beneath the square root symbol.

Graphic Quadratic Functions

Once you get the image in your mind you can really start to see some interesting trends and make predications based on those trends.

Linear-Quadratic Systems

The concept that students struggle with is that a system have infinite possible solutions or no solution at all.

Quadratic Inequalities

These types of problems are not straight forward and based on the situation you are working with you can approach these from many different angles.

Solving Quadratic Functions Graphically

We show you how to solve these in a coordinate system.

Solving Quadratic Functions Algebraically

This is always the most logical approach, but this does not work for all equations.