Your primary students will enjoy practicing their counting skills with fun connect the dots puzzles.

Connect the dots puzzles are just number lines that make a picture. Your primary grade students will have fun counting along as they complete the scenes on these pages. The goal of all connect the dots activities is to encourage students to develop a solid sense of natural numbers while helping them look at the bigger picture literally. These activities also help develop concepts of color as shading. This is a fine motor activity, so you can bet your hand-eye coordination will improve as well. This can translate well to improving handwriting skills as we improve our visual motor control. When students are struggling with number sense activities this can be a huge confidence builder because the sequence is somewhat prompted by the order of the numbers in the picture. As you progress from simple ten digit dot to dot activities to pictures with fifty natural numbers students will have fun throughout the entire process and learn something along the way.

These fun activity sheets help students practice their counting skills up to 20. Students will connect the dots to create each shape shown, counting the numbers as they draw. Subjects include holidays, seasons, toys, animals, everyday activities, and more. Puzzles range in the number of dots the students must connect, so these pages can help the students expand their number sets, too. These pages make great art, math, or quiet time activities.

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Connect the Dots - Apple

Students will practice counting while they connect the dots to draw this apple.

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Make a Snowman

Get to it! Don't let him brave the elements and possibly melt.

Help the Sun and Flower Shine

A nice scenic picture for you.


Connect the dots to draw this potted plant.

Christmas Tree

Great ready of holiday times.

Happy Clown

We say happy, but he might just be mildly happy.

Don't Melt the Ice Cream Cone

It is basically the last scoop that you need to be concerned with.

Seal and Ball

Have you ever been to Sea World? This is a mainstay.


What a Fun-Gi!


Form the king of the jungle's mane.


See if you can read the face that you put together.


He is very sleepy after eating all the honey.


Did you know it was a fruit? It is because they form from and flower and have seeds.


Depending on how you draw this it could be one of many different vegetables.


Stay dry out there!


This boat looks a little rocky.


What types of ball is it?


Practice your counting while connecting the dots to draw this whistle.

Join the Dots Now

What is this shape? Maybe a birthday cake.

Bear and Honey

The bear is reaching for honey and it looks like he got sleepy a few worksheets back.


This is one that I loved as a student

Gingerbread Man

Man, is that ever a happy gingerbread man!


The goose is loose on this one.


He looks really cold.


This is a much more steady ship than the last one.

Cake It Up!

This is a fun shaped cake.

Connect the Dots Worksheets Up to 30


The plane is making a nose dive.

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At first this looks like a dalmatian puppy, but it could be many different breds.


This duck is just quacking away!


This bird looks kinda like a dove. They are popular at weddings.


This plane just took off.

Join the Dots – Doll Having Tea

Who doesn't enjoy a good mid-day tea.

Back In My Shell

Count and connect to create this turtle.


Man do we love boats.


Looks like a hat for an adventure.


The good old school bell.


This is one wise owl.

What the Heck?

See if you can figure out what this is.

Jumping Frog

That frog has some real ups.

Bedroom Scene

This really makes the bed up.


That is one fast bunny.

Woman Baking

I think she is making a cake.

Cool Pattern

This one really shines well.


This is pretty detailed and he looks like a show dog.


He is just hanging around on his perch.


Make this cobra with some counting.

Connect the Dots Worksheets Up to 50


Put your counting skills to go use and connect the dots in order to draw this squirrel.

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Rocket Scene

The rocket is making an approach.


A nice solid tree.


Did you know that they lose 75% of the nuts they hide?


They are pretty and give us oxygen.

Teddy bear

Cuddle up and make this warm for you.


He loves peanuts.


Maybe we put enough flowers here?

Join the Dots - Rabbit

A more traditional rabbit. Probably not the Easter Bunny.


Spread your wings with this one.

Nature Scene

What is going on here?


Bring this dinosaur back to life.


These bears like it cold and aren't too friendly.


This might be more of a fawn.


He looks like quite the barker.


What a long neck you have.

Not Sure

What do you think that is?

Farm Scene

All is not quiet on the farm.


Is that a Maple?

What Am I?

Wooo! What an expressions on this one!


Cowboy boots! This mouse has style.


He doesn't show much emotion at all.


Can you tell what animal it is?