Lots of worksheets for understand how we measure and indicate time.

A clock is meant to measure time throughout the course of one day. Earth makes a fun rotation on its axis every 24 hours which is equal to one day. Time has basically two measurement system Military Time which measure time over a 24-hour period and Conventional Time which is measured over a 12-hour period. In modern society we focus on the use of the 12-hour Conventional clock. The 12-hour clock is composed of two durations A.M. (from the Latin, Ante Meridiem, standing for before midday) and P.M. (from the Latin, Post Meridiem, standing for past midday). The first device that was created that mimics a modern clock was in the 14th century. Europeans built clocks with springs and metal parts that sounded a bell or an alarm every hour. Giving way to my favorite clock of all, the Cuckoo Clock of course!

These worksheets focus on the twelve hour clock. The start out with understand relative points in the twelve hour day, move on to using a standard calendar, of course we work on telling time, and finish off with math between two points in time.

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Time Math Worksheets

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