A series of worksheets that work on rounding values of decimals, whole numbers, and measurements.

A rounded value has about the same value as the numbers we are examining they are just less accurate than the accurate values. If the integer you are rounding ends in a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, we would round the next place value up and make that integer equal to zero. If the integer ends in a 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, we will not change the next place value up and change that integer to a zero. Rounding numbers often make them much easier to work with in terms of determining estimates. More decisions, by people, are made based on estimated figures rather than exact math. It saves a tremendous amount of time. Most the time we are rounding numbers up that have a five or greater and rounding down numbers that have a four or less. Rounding is crucial is scientific laboratories everywhere. Round just slightly off and people can die. This why those calculations usually triple checked at least.

Rounding can make a huge difference when dealing with large figures. I remember a time when I was buying my home and the accounting agents accidentally rounded by sales tax figure from 8.25% to 8.5%. Having the ability to check that little discrepancy saved me just under two-thousand hard earned dollars. These types of calculations happen all day in all areas of life. Being able to confirm proper rounding is a key skill in life. The worksheets in this section work on rounding with decimals, length, mixed numbers and fixed integers.  We cover a large spectrum of topics and themes.

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Rounding Worksheets

Rounding Worksheets Sub-Categories can be found below.

Errors in Estimation

People and the tools they use make errors when taking measurements. We show you how to determine if the errors are statistically significant and if they will affect your judgement.

Fixed Number Rounding

We focus on a specific place value, not only to give you reps, but to make sure you get it right.

Mixed Rounding Practice

This is the opposite of the above topic. We jump around to all the different place values.

Rounding Length

In the field of construction and building people do this all the time.

Rounding Decimals

This can often confuse students because it often means jumping on both sides of a decimal point.