In this section we feature printable worksheets that work with division operations.

Division is basically the splitting of a whole into many different parts. For example if you divide a whole by three, you are basically taking that whole and breaking it into three equal groups. Think of it this way if you had 60 coconuts and you had three containers to store them in, if you were to separate them equally each container would have 20 coconuts. If you think about it, division is the sharing operation. If you go back to our coconut example when doing problems, it makes it much easier to visualize and understand what’s going on.

There are three parts to any division operation. There is the whole or part that is being divided we refer to that as the dividend. There is the number of parts/ groups the dividend is being broken into. That is called the divisor. The solution or outcome is referred to as the quotient. Example: 24 (dividend) / 6 (divisor) = 4 (quotient)

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