Students will learn how to find the sum of two composite four-digit numbers.

This series of worksheets will help students learn how to find the sum of two values that are composed of 4 digits. The lesson and practice worksheets will focus students on using the proper technique of starting by adding at the ones place and then progressing towards the thousands place. We go over how to carrying digits across place values and regrouping. Once students have a handle on this skill, it is just a hop, skip, and jump to adding very large integers together. Comparing numbers because second nature after you have this skill down cold. You might also want to advance to adding dollars and cents. This is the normal progression that we regularly see with this grade level range.

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4 Digit Addition Lesson

Skill Introduction Lesson

Walks students through adding all the place values in order from right to left. We introduce how to align 4 digit values that we will be adding up.

Practice Worksheet

Try the Skill

This worksheet walks your through solving the simple problem of 6846 + 8956. Uses a vertical format.

4 Digit Addition Worksheet #1

Practice Worksheet #1

Add the following numbers in horizontal and vertical boxes. There are a total of 10 problems that all involve the addition of 4-digit numbers.

4 Digit Addition Worksheet #2

More Practice

Ten more problems for you to work through with students. These sums will be a little larger in nature.

4 Digit Addition Worksheet #3

Practice Twice

Another ten repetitions for your students working on adding 4 digit numbers together.

4 Digit Addition Review Worksheet

4 Digit Addition Review

Let's see if you have mastered this skill yet. Here are 3 problems that give you a chance to prove it.

Introduction 4 Digit Addition Worksheet

Introducing 4 Digit Addition

This walks you through solve a problem. We column out the place value addition for you. You are then given 2 problems of your very own to work out.

4 Digit Addition Worksheet #4

Worksheet 4

We spaced out and aligned for you to make quick work of. This should give you plenty of space to work with.

4 Digit Addition Worksheet #5

Worksheet 5

Practice makes perfect. Go get it! Remember to add from right to left. Also remember how we carry and regroup.

Review Worksheet


Review the skill with students and then ask them questions. This is great to assign over a long-weekend.



Here is a 4 digit addition quiz. See how much you truly understand and get it on the record.

Do Now Worksheet

Do Now

A nice way to kick off this unit and see what your students understand before they start.

Adding Four Digit Numbers Large Font Worksheet

Large Font Worksheet

We used the largest work-able font for your students to be able to clearly see and flow through.

Adding Four Digit Numbers Large Font Worksheet # 2

Adding Four Digit Numbers Large Font Worksheet # 2

You should notice a good diverse use of the largest place value.

Adding Four Digit Numbers Large Font Worksheet # 3

Adding Four Digit Numbers #3 (Large Font)

Solid practice sheet to work on. This should help you learn to master this skill with ease.

Adding 4-Digit Numbers

This is a critical topic to learn before moving on to counting money or introducing the concept of decimal addition. By about the age of seven years old students should have a good sense of estimation and identifying numbers. It has been shown many times over that mental math is of supreme importance as they advance. This is a critical skill to round out their understanding of the mathematical landscape. If students are having difficulty, it might be best to start with adding two two-digit numbers and circle around to this topic. Another way that you can approach this skill with the use of large integers that end in zero. Such as 2,000 + 5,000 = 7,000.

When kids begin to perform mathematical functions on greater numbers, the process can frustrate them easily. Simple numbers like single and double-digit numbers are easy to add and subtract.

However, 4-digit numbers add a thousand's place value, making it difficult to count. To ensure that your kids learn to add 4-digit numbers correctly, you must follow a step-by-step process.

The 4-digit numbers have four place values. You start with the digit at one's place, move to the ten's place digit, and then go all the way to hundred's and thousand's place values. The smallest 4-digit number is one thousand (1000), and the greatest number is nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine.

How to Add by Regrouping

Adding 4-digit numbers by regrouping can make the learning process easier. You need to arrange the two addends place-wise to start adding. By placing numbers in line with each other, you can add each digit of the addends vertically. The following steps can help the kids understand the correct Addition method.

- Arrange the numbers in a column format such that the one's place digit of the first addend is directly above that of the second.

- Start by vertically adding the digits in one's place.

- If the resulting value exceeds ten, you can place the one's value below and carry the ten's value to the next digit in line.

- Apply the same rule to the digits at ten's place and write the value in the space below the numerals.

- If the value in the ten's place exceeds ten, you can carry the ten's place digit to the next one (at the hundred's place).

- Continue the same process until you reach the thousand's value.

- You can get the sum by adding the carried value to the digits at the thousand's place.

A Live Example

4563 + 6465 = 

To add the given numbers:

1. Start with adding the digits at one's place, 3 + 5 = 8

2. Add the digits at the ten's place, 6 + 6 = 12

3. Place two in the result's row and carry one to the next digit in the hundred's place

4. Add the digits in the hundred's place and also add the carry-forward value, 5 + 4 + 1 = 10

5. Now, place the zero in the result's row and carry one to the thousand's place digit

6. In the final step, add the digits in the thousand's place and also add the carry-forward value, 4 + 6 + 1 = 11

The sum of the two numbers is 11028.

Another Example

Add the Numbers 3427 and 5541

You can add these numbers using the following steps:

1. Start with the digits at one's place, 7 + 1 = 8

2. Add the digits at the ten's place, 2 + 4 = 6

3. Now move to the digits at the hundred's place and add them; 4 + 5 = 9

4. In the final step, add the digits at the thousand's place, 3 + 5 = 8

The sum of the given numbers is 8968.

Wrapping Up

The step-by-step instructions and examples mentioned above can help you teach your kids to sum 4-digit numbers. Once they grasp the concept, you can test them with more complex numbers like 9879, 8999, 7976, and more.

The numbers with no carry-forward value are relatively easier to add. If you want to find more interesting examples, you can search online for resources with arithmetic functions. You can also find teaching portals to get lesson ideas for your kids.