Each worksheet poses a maze for you to navigate your way through.

You have to find the stream of integers that add up to equal the sum found in the finished box. If that isn't clear for you make sure to check the lesson and the review sheet as well. There are easily 10 pages of puzzle problems here. You will also find a quiz towards the bottom of the page.

A warm-up and Do Now sheet can be found towards the bottom of the page. The lessons and review sheets can be found more towards the top of the page.

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Print Addition Math Trail Puzzles

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key.

Meet the Skill

Using only the addition operation, find the trail of numbers in each puzzle. You cannot move diagonally. Start with the number at the Start position. Move horizontally or vertically only. Keep adding the numbers till the total becomes equal to the Trail.

Print Now!

Try the Skill

An example is fully worked through and then two practice problems are there for a followup.

Practice the Skill

There are 10 trail puzzles in all here for you to work on.

Round #2

More practice for you. We line up another ten practice problems for you.

Remind Review Sheet

An eight problem worksheet that can be used for lots of different purposes.

Warm Up

This can also be used as a review sheet or a Do Now!

Lesson 2

This puzzle sheet can be used to work all the way through everything for yourself.

Puzzles Worksheet 1

This is a stream lined sheet that has plenty of room for you to spread out with.

Puzzles Worksheet 2

A new version of the previously presented worksheet for you.

Math Trail Puzzles Review

It runs you through the basic process: Start with the number at the Start position. b. Move horizontally or vertically only. c. End with the number in the gray square.

6 Practice Problems

An assortment of problems where the end is the far right-lower box.


You've got to have a quiz fixed in there.

Do Now!

Great way to get class started or a super quick review you can do as a class.