These are vertical and horizontal math grid puzzle worksheets.

The basic concept is that there are nine rectangles in the grid. All the integers in the far-right column need to be the sum of all of the integers to the left of the column. All the integers in the bottom rows are the sum of the digits above it. Please make sure you don't pay any attention at all to the diagonals. Some students get fixated on that point and it ends up really slowing them down to a near crawl. You can always run a double check on your answer by subtracting the sums you have determined by the previous addend. You should get the starting addend as the difference.

If you are looking for a massive number of grid question look at the bottom of the page there are endless problems down there. Among the worksheets you will find a lesson, quiz, and review sheet.

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Print Addition Numbers Grid Worksheets

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Meet the Skill

We introduce the concept of addition matrix puzzles. The general rules are: 1. The far right is the full horizontal sum. 2. The bottom boxes are the sums of the numbers above it. Work off of 16 in the lower right corner.

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This is a work flow completed lesson for you.

Try the Skill

A problem is completed for you and then you are asked to do two problems.

Practice Problems

Two problems with plenty of work space for you to tackle these problems with.

Worksheet 1

Follow all the rules and complete all the number grids that you see.

Worksheet 2

If you focus on using the lower right box, in each case, it makes this quite easy to work through quickly.


Use this and the answer keys to show students how they are doing. Use this sheet as a checkpoint for learning.

Do Now

This is a great way to introduce this topic to students.

Review Sheet

A finish off or starter sheet to get you going.

Practice the Skill

Give this 10-puzzle worksheet a solid go.

Backup Practice

Who doesn't need another round of practice for his kids.


This should be a very positive review or assessment sheet.


Let's get this one started quickly.