Find the sum of two integers that are each made up of double digits.

This is the most common real-world math that most adults process dozens of times a day without even realizing it. Double digit addition is highly common because we often track things on a scale of 100 mostly due to percentages and the base ten system. These double digit addition worksheet will make for great practice. I would try to do the first worksheet in less than two minutes. Then each successive sheet removes 30 seconds from that time. You should also track your progress as you perform this, but realistically. You don't need to write down every time you practice. But taking a timed two-minute quiz every three months would be a great way to track this for yourself. When we see progress, we tend to value our work more than ever.

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Double Digit Addition Lesson

Double Digit Addition Lesson

Find the sum of 66 and 58. Add the ones column place. 6 + 8 = 14. Rename 14 as 1 and 4 (the 1 is placed over the tens column). Add the tens column place. 6 + 5 + 1 = 12. Rename 12 as 1 and 2. Bring down the 1.

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Double Digit Addition Worksheet

Practice Worksheet

We walk you through a problem and then you have two of your own to work on. Here is a problem for you. Find the sum of 36 and 87. Add the ones column place. 6 + 7 = 13. Rename 13 as 1 and 3 (the 1 is placed over the tens column). Add the tens column place. 3 + 8 + 1 = 12. Rename 12 as 1 and 2. Bring down the 1.

Practice Worksheet

Practice the Skill

Give yourself a shot at ten problems that are well spaced and solvable. Make sure to line up the digits of each place value for your sum.

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 2

Lots of regrouping going on here. Just stay spaced out and find a way to organize yourself.

Double Digit Showoff Worksheet

Double Digit Showoff Worksheet

Don't forget to carry that gosh darn 1! Sometimes it may be a 2 or even more.

Rapid Fire Worksheet

Rapid Fire

This is a great timed challenge for kids. Focus on accuracy. there are 25 problems see if you can get this done in under 2 minutes.

Crisp Double Digit Practice Worksheet

Crisp Double Digit Practice

A simple crisp and clean format. Put everything together and see if you can grow a system here for yourself.

Adding Double Digit Worksheet

Adding Double Digit Worksheet

The double digit addition skills relates closely to the concept of whole money and dollars.

End of Practice Worksheet

End of Practice

The final sheet in the bunch. Work through this one to solidify the concept for yourself.

End of Practice Worksheet

Skill Introduction

Get a solid start with this. A hearty breakfast of double digit sums. You can also use this as a review sheet.

Carrying Tens and Hundreds Lesson Worksheet

Carrying Tens and Hundreds Lesson

We walk you through every little step for you.

Practice Problems Worksheet

Practice Problems

The misalignment is part of the work to see how students adjust to a little adversity.

Carrying Tens and Hundreds Worksheet 1

Carrying Tens and Hundreds Worksheet 1

These sums will almost all result in three-digit sums, except for maybe two of them.

Second Phase Worksheet

The Second Phase

This sheet should allow students to respond very quickly. It also forces students to align the problems by themselves and stay organized through the entire addition process.

Review Sheet

Review Sheet

Rename, carry, and bring down the column. Rinse and repeat.

Double Digit Addition Finisher Worksheet

Double Digit Addition Finisher

Six problems for you to bang out.

Skill Quiz


Perfect time for a student assessment. Why not?

Class Starter Worksheet

Class Starter

Use this to review with your entire class as a group.

How to Add Double Digit Numbers

Addition is an old concept. Heated debates exist around the topic of who came up with addition first. Many people believe it came from the Arabs, with Al-Jaber introducing Algebra to the world and Al-Khwarizmi inventing Logarithms.

Others argue that addition was invented by the Egyptians and Babylonians. Historical records prove many of the arguments surrounding that claim.

If one thinks about it, addition has existed even before humans evolved. Animals today tend to keep count of their children, the amount of food they have and if it's going to last, and even how many sheep are in a herd. Cavemen also used to count the same.

This is a skill that we are commonly seen taught and mastered by the third grade level. It is always a good idea to start by learning this skill with integers that end in zero and then progress to full on mixed double digits. The ones place value is key to grasping this skill. Math facts should be fully mastered by this time. There is a ton of space to work with here. Make sure that you start with the ones columns, carry over whatever digits you need to and then move on that quickly. The addition between two-digit integers is critical just to understand your middle school grades. The best idea here is to constantly practice and be well prepared to see this at any time throughout your day.

What is Double Digit Addition?

Double Digit addition is whereby two different addends are added to each other. One of them needs to be a two-digit number. This can be anything similar to 12, 13, 14, 26, 82 and more.

In order to successfully add two numbers, you need to keep in mind their place values. The tens need to be added with the tens, and the ones need to be added with the ones. Even when you add them together, you must take care of the columns you are putting them in.

Adding double-digit numbers does not have to be hard. All you need to do is take care of the simple rules you must not break while performing Double Digit addition.

Without Regrouping

This is simple addition. It is whereby you can add the two-digit numbers without worrying about carrying forward any one digit. Start adding numbers from the right and move up to the left.

Here are some sums you can give out as practice:

(i) 52 + 11
(ii) 41 + 32
(iii) 44 + 13
(iv) 35 + 22
(v) 61 + 12
(vi) 13 + 46

With Regrouping

This is a bit complicated. It involves adding up numbers, the individual sum of which amounts to more than 9. The tens digit is thus carried forward to the next digit and added to that.

Here are some sums you can give out as practice:

(i) 99 + 11
(ii) 88 + 32
(iii) 89 + 13
(iv) 48 + 22
(v) 69 + 12
(vi) 79 + 46

Here's a harder challenge;

(i) 43 + 11 + 32

(ii) 54 + 22 + 13

(iii) 35 + 41 + 32

(iv) 11 + 22 + 33

(v) 17 + 14 + 31

(vi) 33 + 31 + 23

(vii) 32 + 54 + 11

(viii) 16 + 42 + 13

(ix) 45 + 31 + 22

(x) 44 + 11 + 10

Final Thoughts

Addition is helpful. It not only teaches you to keep count, but it also helps you further in your career goals later on in life. The addition rules you teach your students today will help them become better doctors, engineers and teachers in the future.