These printable flashcards add one more to integers zero through nineteen.

There are so many words in the English language that either imply or blatantly mean one. In must case the word unit means one. Solo is another one, but that means by yourself too. You could be a Cyclops and have complete tunnel vision for one definition. We like the word this way, lots of diversity. It makes life fun otherwise there would be no surprises in life.

It now time to fly off (or roll off) on our unicycle...

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Flashcard - Adding Ones to Zero and One

The number one is considered mathematical Switzerland. Multiple by one or divide by one and you have what you started with.

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Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Two and Three

Ancient Greeks did not consider 1 a number of all. They believed the number system began at two.

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Four and Five

Have anyone Icelandic in your family? When they pronounce "one" in their language it sounds like "eight".

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Six and Seven

Did you know that the average human hair grows one centimeter a month?

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Eight and Nine

The ever odd number one is not a prime and also is not composite.

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Ten and Eleven

The first wedding anniversary doesn't hold much weight I guess. In the United States it is considered the paper anniversary and in the United Kingdom its cotton.

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Twelve and Thirteen

Charles Dickens only used the word "kangaroo" once in David Copperfield. What a crazy stat to keep to our selves.

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Fourteen and Fifteen

One is the most commonly referred to digits in the last media poll. The word "one" is the thirty-fifth most commonly used English word.

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Sixteen and Seventeen

A total random fact, but 11 letters of the alphabet have exactly one line of symmetry.

Flashcard - Addition of Ones to Eighteen and Nineteen

Check out a Mobius strip. It has one edge and surface. See if you can make one with a clean sheet of paper.