Sift through piles of helpful math facts flashcards that involve integers and the sum of ten.

Accordingly to legend Pythagoras (Yes, that guy!) and his minions considered the integer ten sacred. They thought it to be the integer of existence, a true perfect number. Two failed religions (more cult-like groups) were bore over this belief. Which didn’t really start on solid ground to begin with. Look it up, it will blow your mind!

The age of ten is thought to be where biological the most change happens in our nervous systems.

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Flashcard - Adding Tens to Zero and One

This font actual calls for the use of a rounded corner addition symbol.

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Flashcard - Adding Tens to Two and Three

Remind yourself how to make twelve and thirteen in a hurry.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Four and Five

Get your fours in there and make yourself fourteen and fifteen with this set of sums.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Six and Seven

These bottom have sums start to take on a weird shape.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Eight and Nine

That eighteen and nineteen set really start to add up. Get it?

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Ten and Eleven

Make a cool twenty and twenty-one with a little bit of addition.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Twelve and Thirteen

Did you know that crabs have 10 legs? I sure didn't until I looked it up.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Fourteen and Fifteen

Something I would have never guessed, but the Korean alphabet has ten vowels and 40 letters in all.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Sixteen and Seventeen

Pythagoras had a special thing for the number 10. This Geometry good believed the number 10 to be sacred because in math when you sum (1, 2, 3, 4) it equals 10. Number 1 represented existence, number 2 creation, number 3 life, and 4 was though to represent the elements air, Earth, fire, and water.

Flashcard - Adding Tens to Eighteen and Nineteen

Did you know that Canada has 10 provinces. I always forget about the Northwest Territories in the bunch.