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Two is very unique number because It is the only even integer that is prime. That means that it is only divisible by itself and one. It also a Fibonacci number, you can look that one up on Google. When you think of quotients what a lot of students forget is that by using 2, you are in reality cutting the value in half.

Another cool thing about 2 is that is also half of the binary code system. Did you know that the letter “I” has two lines of symmetry?

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Flashcard - Adding Twos to Zero and One

These sums end up making prime numbers.

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Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Two and Three

Many people disregard that the number 2 is a prime number.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Four and Five

Two is also synonymous with the concept of pairs. Its said that good things come in twos.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Six and Seven

Greeks thought of the number 2 to be an unlucky number. Kind of like 13 is now a days.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Eight and Nine

The number two was synonymous is witchcraft in early American times. They believed that the number had the power to bring about evil.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Ten and Eleven

The number two is represented by the High Priestess card in Tarot card decks.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Twelve and Thirteen

On the topic of the number "two", only two US President (Washington and Monroe) ran completely uncontested.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Fourteen and Fifteen

Putting it all (Presidents and the number two) together; the second US President (John Adams) was the first to live in the White House.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Sixteen and Seventeen

The number two represents Yin which also represents earth, the cold, the dark, and female force.

Flashcard - Addition of Twos to Eighteen and Nineteen

The two-headed god, Janus, can see in both directions. It's also the name of a very successful mutual fund.