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Three holds a lot of stigmas in non-American cultures. In Vietnam don't expect to see Instagram pictures with three people in them. The running folklore there says the middle person I the picture is doomed are horrible fate. Theoretically, you can survive three days without water. That fourth day watch out! We are also the third planet from the sun.

Three is seen as the first odd prime number. Lithium is also the third atomic element.

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Flashcard - Adding Threes to Zero and One

Three is synonymous with good fortune throughout many different cultures.

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Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Two and Three

Geometry starts at three. Thanks triangles!

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Four and Five

In number crunching, due to pricing in the US 5 and 3 are the computed sum on the stick market.

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Six and Seven

Did you know that there are three naked men on the actual Nobel Peace Prize?

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Eight and Nine

The number three is prime, triangular, but we all knew that. What we didn't know is that three is also a Fibonacci and Lucas number.

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Ten and Eleven

There are three primary colors. The colors that lead to all colors.

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Twelve and Thirteen

Did you know that the number of petals on a flower are divisible by three, when healthy?

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Fourteen and Fifteen

One the mention of threes, a triceratops has three horns. I knew the name, but I can never find the third horn.

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Sixteen and Seventeen

There were three kingdoms (heavens, underworld, and water) that Greek Gods ruled over.

Flashcard - Addition of Threes to Eighteen and Nineteen

Three is one of the happiest numbers you will come across.