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For some reason the number four is the number of stability in many cultures. Did you know that 4% of the population (that's 1 in 25 people) have outties? That is belly buttons that protrude out. A four-leaf clover is thought to bring great luck. Having four leafs grow on clovers is a recessive genetic mutation and only occurs in 1 out of 10,000 clover. A little trivia for you there.

I'm think that significance of four might involve that the most stable structures consist of four points, in most cases.

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Flashcard - Adding Fours to Zero and One

Sums of itself and making yourself a cool five spot.

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Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Two and Three

Four is unique because it is the only number that has the same number of letters in its name.

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Four and Five

In Chinese, the number four sounds like the word death. Guess what floor is missing from most hospitals in China? You guessed it the fourth floor.

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Six and Seven

Four letter words account for more than half of the words deemed "vulgar" by the National Decency Standards Group.

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Eight and Nine

Remember Tetris? If you never heard of it, check it out ASAP! It was a classic game based on objects with four pieces.

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Ten and Eleven

You may start to see some televisions start to take on the fourth dimension which means things start to get depth.

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Twelve and Thirteen

Recreation vehicles with four wheels are often called "Quads".

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Fourteen and Fifteen

In Chinese culture the number "18" is seen as one of great prosperity.

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Sixteen and Seventeen

In the game BINGO "20" is called "getting plenty" or "blind 20".

Flashcard - Addition of Fours to Eighteen and Nineteen

I have no idea who took the time to calculate this, but in the well-respected journal Science "23" is the most often cited number.