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Did you know that there are 5 babies born every second in the United States? That’s in a second. In a minute you have 300 babies on your hands. In an hour, 18,000 babies to feed. Wow! Scientists theorize that a total of five mass extinctions have happened on planet Earth. The last mass extinction got all the dinosaurs. The running theory, which is accepted by most of the scientific community, is that a meteor of massive size hit the planet and caused lengthy period of darkness which just caused chaos on the food chain at the time.

All that from the number five? Boy I can ramble.

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Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Zero and One

It thought that the Roman Numeral for 5 (V) was dreamed up by the image of a hand with the fingers spread.

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Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Two and Three

A five sided star called a pentagram is thought to keep evil in the form of devils and witches away.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Four and Five

A five sided pentagonal bolt is fixed to every fire hydrant. They use this because it is a very uncommon fitting making it hard for most people to open.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Six and Seven

The five Olympic rings each represent one of the five major continents of the world.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Eight and Nine

In religion, 5 has much significance. The Torah is made up of 5 books, Muslim culture traditionally prays five times daily, and Christ is thought to have had five wounds.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Ten and Eleven

You will also hear that you need to "take five", when you need a break or rest. This is an old entertainment saying.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Twelve and Thirteen

Now we jump up to double digits and try to stick a zero on the end of it.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Fourteen and Fifteen

On 5/5/1921 Coco Chanel released a fitting perfume "Chanel No. 5". It was and is a huge hit.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Sixteen and Seventeen

People often forget that the sum of five and seven is twelve. It a common addition mistake.

Flashcard - Addition of Fives to Eighteen and Nineteen

Eight and five is another tricky sum that accounts for 4% of all math errors.