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The great old disorientated infinity symbol gets it all done for you. The interesting thing is that in China this integer tries to sum up the size of the universe which kind of directly relates to the infinity symbol. The eight ball holds a ton of significance in the table game of pool. Being “behind the eight ball” is notorious with being in a difficult situation that you cannot get yourself out of, again inspired by the game of pool.

Outside of zero, eight is the only single digit when written that you can end writing in an upward motion.

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Flashcard - Adding Eights to Zero and One

Let's work that seemingly infinity symbol and work it.

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Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Two and Three

The number eight is symbolic of harmony and balance in many cultures. Do you see why?

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Four and Five

In China number 8 is thought to be super lucky. When pronounced, it sounds a lot like the word "prosper".

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Six and Seven

Guess what 88 (double eights) means in China? Double luck.

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Eight and Nine

Think there is any significance that the Chinese Olympic games started on 8/8/8 at 8:08pm and 8 seconds. You bet ya!

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Ten and Eleven

The eighth wedding anniversary is referred to as the bronze anniversary.

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Twelve and Thirteen

Let's settle this in the Octagon. The eight sided ring of doom.

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Fourteen and Fifteen

Have you ever wondered why stop signs have eight sides? Me too!

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Sixteen and Seventeen

In technology a byte is equal to eight bits. Notice how everything is divisible by 8s across the board.

Flashcard - Addition of Eights to Eighteen and Nineteen

The atomic number 8 is for oxygen, now breathe.