See how many different ways you can add 9 to single and double digit numbers.

Do you know why they say that cats have nine lives? I didn't either, so I looked it up. It dates back a few hundred years when witches were thought to be able to change shape into cats nine times. When I was growing up, I was told over and over that there are nine planets. That too shall and did pass.

The number nine is often an elusive number because it just isn't that lucky or plain for that matter.

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Flashcard - Adding Nines to Zero and One

The nine of diamonds in a deck of cards is referred to as the Curse of Scotland.

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Flashcard - Adding Nines to Two and Three

You might have hear this one in Grease, someone or thing being referred to as "to the nines". It means to the highest power.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Four and Five

There are nine Supreme Court Justices in the United States.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Six and Seven

There are an average of nine months in every school year, but some cultures go as far as eleven months a year.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Eight and Nine

Almost all Buddhist rituals require nine monks. They like company, I guess.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Ten and Eleven

Historians still aren't sure why the number nine holds so much significance in baseball. There are nine players and nine innings in a standard game of baseball.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Twelve and Thirteen

September the ninth month of the calendar year is the only month (English) whose number of letters in the name corresponds to the number of the month.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Fourteen and Fifteen

Did you know that if take the sum of digits of any multiple of nine, you'll get nine?

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Sixteen and Seventeen

9% of people in the United Kingdom have 2 or more tablets. In the US that number is more like 16%.

Flashcard - Adding Nines to Eighteen and Nineteen

Did you know that the FDA allows 9/1,000 of a wheat product to contain rat droppings? Enjoy your cereal.