The following collection of worksheets will help your students practice their addition and subtraction skills.

Your students will use these activity sheets to master addition and subtraction. Each sheet contains a number of different equations for your students to solve. Activities include using pictures as counting tokens and filling in the blanks in equations to make them correct. All equations are based on the numbers four and five, either as part of the equation or as the final answer. Answer keys have been provided for each activity sheet for instructors. Note for Instructors: If you cannot use these worksheets in your regular curriculum, they make great review pieces or extra credit assignments for your students.

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Addition and Subtraction Mixed Math Facts

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Facts With 4 & 5 Lesson

Facts With 4 & 5 Lesson

Count the first group of crayons. The first group has 3 crayons. Count the second group of crayons. The second group has 1 crayon.

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Try the Skill Facts With 4 & 5 Worksheet

Count, strike and subtract the objects and fill in the blank.

Warm Up

Calculate and fill in the blanks with the answer.

Practice the Skill

Fill in the blank with an appropriate number.

Twice Through

We focus on the right side of the equation. How much do we need to take away?

Be a Show Off!

What is the missing part of each sum?