This set worksheets will help your students better understand the nature of sum and difference equations.

Your students will use this slew of worksheets to help them understand the use and purpose behind the various symbols we use with both addition and subtraction. Each sheet contains equations consisting of two numbers and a result, but without the operational sign. Your students must choose whether the given equation becomes correct with an addition sign or a subtraction sign. Answer keys are available for each of these activity sheets for instructors. Each set consists of multiple pages, so be sure to print all of them.

These worksheets are great for reviewing basic math operations. You can even push students further by asking them to change the symbols and make them use multiplication and or division.

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Operation Symbols In Addition and Subtraction Equations Worksheets

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Introduction Lesson

Write a Plus (+) or a minus (-) sign to make the number sentence true.

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Tryout Worksheet

Similar to what's above, but a few practice problems are in there too.

True That!

Make each equation true by using either a symbol for addition or subtraction.

Practice Worksheet

Fill those sum and difference sentences.

More Practice

Another go around, on this topic, for you.

Warm Up!

A great way to start a class with a quick review.

Addition or Subtraction Sign- Lesson

A full step by step walk about for you with this lesson.

Left Side Worksheet

We focus on the left side of the equation with the problems on this worksheet.

Worksheet 2!

Another version of the above worksheet.

Review Worksheet

This is something that students that are absent or need a refresher can be happy with.


See where your students are at with this skill.

Do Now!

Very much like the warm up activity, but you will also find a class section on this sheet.

Box It Out Lesson!

Fill the boxes to complete the equations.

Boxy Worksheet 1

Those are some really thick boxes.

Box Me Worksheet 2

More of the same for you, just different problems.

Review Sheet

This page shows you 2 completed problems.

Review Worksheet

These problems should follow the above review lesson.


A box out quiz to assess your students.

Do Now!

Start your classes off the right way.