These sets of worksheets will help your students practice combining variables within algebraic expressions.

Two like math terms have the same variables. This could be the base number or variable. It could also be a base variable that has the same exponent. As we advance with this skill, we will learn that coefficients can be different in like terms. For example, the value -4yz2 and yz2/3 are like terms. In order to solve equations and expression, you will combine like terms often. Often it the first step to solve just about anything in algebra. Be sure that you carry any math operator that is attached to the term. For example: 4y + 7x - 5y + 3x. The 5y carries the negative operator with it. When we combine this, we will end up with -1y + 10x. I like to urge students to underline like terms. If you have two like terms that involve the variable x and y, I would have them underline the x terms once. This would be followed by underlining the y terms twice.

Your students will use this collection of activity sheets to learn how to solve for variables to simplify algebraic expressions. These sets of worksheets introduce your students to the concept of combining like terms, and provide examples, short practice sets, longer sets of questions, and quizzes. This is a paramount skill in algebra, you will need to master it in order to have an easy transition to higher level math. You basically cleaning up an expression or equation to just make it more workable. We suggest whenever you are evaluating expressions or equations to think about like terms first. This series of lessons and worksheets teach the steps for simplifying equations by matching or combining terms that are alike until there are no more steps that can be performed. A variety of equations are provided ranging from simple to advanced.

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Combining Like Terms (Difficult) - Lesson

Follow along and simplify this expression: x2 + 3x2 + 6x2 + 8x2

(Difficult) - Worksheet 1

Simplify for each set of terms. Example: 22x2 -5 + 6x2 + 4

(Difficult) - Worksheet 2

Simplify for each. Example: 12x2 - 5 + 4x2 + 12

(Difficult) - Review

Review the steps for simplifying an equation, then complete the practice problems. Example: x2+8x2+5x2+6x2

(Difficult) - Quiz

For each problem, simplify. Then check your answers and record your total score below. Example: 15x2 - 10 + 3x2 + 15

(Difficult) - Do Now

Complete the following problems, then put your answer in the "My Answer" box. Example: 8x2+50 - 4x2 - 2x = _____

Combining Like Terms (Simple) - Lesson

Follow along and simplify this type of expression: (-7 + 3y) - (2y - 3)

(Simple) - Worksheet 1

For each, simplify the given equation. Example: 5n - 2(5-2n) + 2(4n-5) + 10 (4n - 2)

(Simple) - Worksheet 2

Break these down into digestiable pieces for yourself. Example: 14n - 2(2-3n) + 4(3n-1) + 2(4n-6)

(Simple) - Review

Review the steps for simplifying an equation with one variable: (-4 + 2y) - (6y - 4)

(Simple) - Quiz

For each problem, simplify the given equation. Then check your answers and record your total score below. Example:

(Simple) - Do Now

We label these as "simple", but they include many terms, so they may be a challenge for some students. Example: 7x + (x-5) + 3x - (2x-5) + 6x +2 =

Solving Equations (combine like terms) - Worksheet 1

Solve for each given equation. Example: 10 + 6x + 2x = 18

Worksheet 2

Solve for each given equation. Example: 7x + 5 + 3x = 85

Solving Equations Worksheet 3

These can be done pretty quickly. Example: 6x + 2 + 4x = 122

Worksheet 4

get everything to the other side of the equals sign. Example: 92 = 7x + 3x + 2

Worksheet 5

You wanted more practice and you got it! Example: 6 + 7x + 3x = 46

Worksheet 6

We made the base numbers very similar, don't get tricked. Example: 28 = 2x + 2x + 4

Solving Equations (combine like terms-with negatives) - Worksheet 1

Don't get tripped up by the operators here. Example: 3x + 9 - x = 15

Worksheet 2

This are setup a little more straight forward. Example: 89 = 5x + 5x - 1

Worksheet 3

You will find a whole bunch of negative values here. Example: - 3x - 1 + 5x = - 9

(with negatives) - Worksheet 4

The negative values get a little harder to work with here. Example: 3 = -2x + x + 3

Combining Like Terms - Meet the Skill

Follow along with the steps below to solve this equation: (4x+7y) - 2(-3y + 2x)

Try the Skill

These can be used with more advanced learners: 3(n+7) + 8(3n+4) + 12(2n-4)

Practice the Skill

Simplify each equation as we show you in the first example. Example: 3(a+2) + 4(2a+5) + 8(4a-2)

Practice the Skill Twice

Simplify each equation shown. Example: 13m - 11m - 12m + 10m + 16 - 7 + 9m - 5m

Show the Skill

See if you are ready to be a show off yet. Example: 20m - 12m - 14m + 8m + 11 - 6 + 3m - 2m

Skill Warm Up

Remember to underline as needed. Example: 17m - 15m - 10m + 9m + 14 - 2 + 8m - 4m

Meet the Skill 2

Do not let the exponents get in your way. An example problem here: -3x2 - 4x + 3 + x2 + 8x - 2

Try the Skill 2

The exponents should not scare you here: -18x + 13 + x2 - 9x + 11

Practice the Skill 2

Simplify each equation shown. Example: 5x2+ 14 - 3x2 + 6

Practice the Skill Twice 2

Have another go at this one. Example: -8x + 35 - 9x + 13 + x2

Show the Skill 2

Simplify each equation that is shown. Example: 7x2+ 13 - 4x2 + 8

Warm Up 2

This one allows you a great deal of room to move around with. Example: -26x + 16 + x2 - 14x + 18

Complete the Equation Basic skills: Independent practice 1

These are perfect to get started with working on multiple terms that need to be packed together. Example: 12x + 5 + 5x + 4

Independent Practice 2

Solve each equation. Example: 12a + 15 - 9 - 3a

Intermediate Skills: Independent Practice 1

We introduce how to handle terms that have exponents. Example: 12x2 + 5y3 + 6x2 + 7y3

Like Terms - Meet the Skill

Learn how to group like terms in more complex expressions such as: a + a 3a - a 5a4 / a2

Like Terms - Try the Skill

For each problem simplify by grouping all terms in the given expressions. Example: y x y x y

Like Terms - Practice the Skill

More practice sheets to move forward with this skill. Example: e + e 3e + 2e e2 x e2

Practice the Skill Twice

We stripped out most of the exponents. Example: y + y 3y + 2y 3y x y

Show the Skill

We introduce quotients to this for you. Example: 6g ÷ 2 2g x 2g x 2g 8g3 ÷ g

Warm Up

A great way to get students off and running. Example: 4a + 2a 6a6 / 3a22a4


We walk you through the process of organizing these guys: a × a, a2, a3

Worksheet 1

Time to work on this topic at an advanced pace. Example: f × f x f2x f3

Worksheet 2

You have to group all these terms into five different groups. Example: a × a a2 a3

Review Sheet

You are first reminded about the skill and then asked to work on your own. Then complete the practice problems. b × b x b2 x b3

Like Terms - Quiz

For each problem, group the like terms, and then check your answers and record your total score below. Example: r × r x r2 x r3

Do Now

Start slowly here, if you get tripped up. Example: g × g x g2 x 3g - 2g