These worksheets will teach your students how to simplify algebraic equations by applying basic principles.

In just about any algebra problem you come across it will almost always have a simplification step where you need to break something down to its lowest possible form. The concept here is efficiency, whether a value is expanded or reduced the proportional value is the same and it does not change the overall math statement or system it resides in. When you are simplifying, the idea is to find math terms that are like and put them together. The basic process is to combine all constants first and then look for like variables. The next step is to either factor or expand which entirely depends on the nature of values you are working with. From there we can also reduce fractions and multiply anything found in parentheses. The big things to remember is that exponents are actually very helpful to have around here. We focus on learning to simplify algebraic equations by applying basic principles such as grouping like terms (though they will not necessarily need to solve for the variables within the equations). I wouldn't say this is a simple skill, but if you take your time and fully identify each unit in the equation it is not very hard to group things together.

These 12 worksheets will help your students learn and practice simplifying equations by grouping terms and using exponents. This leads us back to remember the phrase "Combine Like Terms!" This is where we find constants and variables that are the same and put them together. You will find lessons and guided worksheets available here. Start slow and get those terms down. These will not build up to any complex equations. The goal for this section is to introduce you to the topic and get you more comfortable with it.

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Simplify Equations - Meet the Skill

Follow the steps to complete this equation: 7a + 5b – 6b + 8a + 2b =0

Try the Skill

Complete the equation 4a × 5a + 2a, then solve the practice problems below.

Practice the Skill

Complete these 10 equations and solve for p. Example: (5p - 2) (-2p - 5)

Practice the Skill Twice

You will see more brackets in this section to get students thinking a little more critically. Example: 12x - (5x + 2)

Show the Skill

These will require a bit more expansion and our favorite friend factoring. Example: (a + b) (a - b)

Warm Up

There is a good bit of noise in the equations you will find here. Example: 7x - 2 x 2 - 5x - 4 - 6 x 2 + 7


Follow the steps to learn how to simplify this equation: 4x + 5 + 3x + 6

Simplify Equations - Worksheet 1

Simplify these 10 equations using exponents. Example: 2x (5x+4x)

Worksheet 2

Simplify these 10 equations using exponents. Example: (6t×7t)3t

Review Sheet

A great section to help you review how to simplify an equation. Example: 4x + 5 + 3x + 6


Simplify these 10 equations, then check and score your answers. Example: 8x (4x + 2x)

Do Now

Complete the 3 problems and put your answer in the "My Answer" box. Example: 4j (2j + 8j)