This set of worksheets will give your students practice working with algebraic variables and exponents.

There are some things in this world and universe that grow and dwindle at a ridiculously fast rate. Viruses grow at crazy rates, just look at the 2020 Corona virus scare. That simply changed medicine and the practice of it in a quarter of a year. There are other things like radioactive atoms that disintegrate so fast you can barely measure it. This indicates that things move very fast with this form of math to the point where you need to reflect on every problem that comes your way. The main goal is to understand what they are looking for. Is it an expansion from where you were at or are, they expecting you to fall back? This may require you to spend more time evaluating the parameters. It may even expect you to understand higher levels of growth or drawback to an identified part of the population.

This topic with allow you to learn how to quantify the swelling of a population. We also look at how to calculate the rate at which that population will slowly disappear. Students work on how to solve various algebraic expressions using exponents, and identify whether graphs of the results would demonstrate exponential growth or exponential decay. These worksheets demonstrate how to: 1) evaluate a variable based on the given equation, and 2) determine if a given equation indicates exponential growth or decay based on the relationship between its variables.

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Exponential Growth and Decay - Lesson

Follow the steps to learn how to solve the following problem: Given r = 3t , evaluate r when t = 4.

Worksheet 1

For each of these 10 problems, evaluate the variable indicated based on the information given. Example: Given q = w4, evaluate q when w = 2.

Worksheet 2

For each of these 10 problems, evaluate the variable indicated based on the information given. Example: Given t = 2y, evaluate t when y = 4.

Review Sheet

Follow the steps to determine the value of the variable based on the information given: Given a = 6b, evaluate a when b = 3.


Answer each question on this quiz and then check and score your answers. Example: Would the graph of y = 1.9x show exponential growth or exponential decay?

Do Now

Complete the problems, then put your answer in the "My Answer" box. Example: The equation t = y2 will be an exponential growth when t equals ______.