These worksheets will give your students practice in expressing irrational numbers to a given degree.

To put it in the most simplistic form, if you can’t write a value as a simple fraction it is not rational. They describe that value as an irrational number. The most notorious irrational number is Pi. That grand old 3.14 and a ton of numbers after it. You'll find a set of worksheets here that centers around algebraic expressions with irrational solutions. Each set of answers is to be notated to a given degree (tenths, hundredths, etc.) This set contains all introductory material, practice questions, reviews, longer exercise sheets, and quizzes.

These worksheets will help your students to learn how to approximate irrational numbers and understand the nature of them.

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Approximations of Irrational Numbers - Lesson

Learn how to solve problems with irrational numbers: √7 to the nearest tenth.

Worksheet 1

For each problem below, solve to the nearest tenth. Example: 3/7 √8

Worksheet 2

For each problem below, solve to the nearest tenth. Example: 11/7 √7

Approximations of Irrational Numbers - Review Sheet

Follow the steps to round the following to the nearest tenth: √53 to the nearest hundredth.


For each problem, solve to the nearest tenth, then check your answers and score them below. Example: 1/7 √2

Do Now

Complete the following problems, then put your answer in the "My Answer" box. Example: 12/17 √7