These worksheets will teach your students how to simplify various algebraic expressions that contain exponents.

This is a series of worksheets that will help you understand what to do when you are confronted with exponents in just about any form. You will be asked to draw upon your knowledge of exponent rules. The zero rule says that a value raised to a power of zero has a value of one. The product rule tells us that when you are multiply two exponents that contain the same base you just need to find the sum of the exponents to that base. This section of worksheets works on simplifying algebraic expressions that contain exponents in addition to variables. Please note that the students will not be asked to solve for the particular variables. These lesson, practice, review, and quiz worksheets will help your students master simplifying equations with powers.

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Powers Lesson

Powers Lesson

Follow the steps to simplify the power: 2x(3x + 4). this will show you how to create and handle exponents in expressions.

Powers Worksheet 1

Powers Worksheet 1

There are ten exercises for you to work with and you will be tasked with simplifying each problem.

Simplify Exponents Worksheet 2

Simplify Exponents Worksheet 2

Simplify each problem below. Example of a problem: 4x2 (2x2 + 4)

Simplifying Exponents in Expressions Worksheet

Simplifying Exponents in Expressions

This worksheet provides you with a complete example and then is followed by 6 practice problems for you to work on independently.

Expressions Quiz

Exponents in Expressions Quiz

Simplify each problem, then check and score your answers. This will give you an idea of where to go with this skill.

Do Now Worksheet

Do Now Worksheet

For the following problems, solve and then put your answer in the "My Answer" box. This makes for a great teacher led activity in class.

How Do You Simplify Exponents?

Do you find solving and simplifying problems that have exponents difficult? They can be tricky to solve, but if you know the tricks, you can become a pro at solving such questions.

Exponents are an integral part of algebra and mathematics, not leaving your side until the end of your education. It is essential to know how to simplify them because it can help you understand complex equations.

What are They?

Have you ever seen a minuscule number on the top right corner of a number in a problem? Those are exponents.

Exponents are numbers that show the number of times a number will multiply with itself. It is sometimes referred to as “to the power of” or “raised to” to make it easier.

For example, 43 means that four is multiplying itself three times: 4 x 4 x 4 = 64. We can call it four to the power of three of 4 raised to 3.

Properties of Exponents

To learn how to simplify them, you need to know their different known properties. The properties of exponents are also called rules or laws of exponents and need to be followed when solving questions with that involve this type of notation.

Law of Product

The law of Product (the product rule) states that when the base of two numbers is the same and multiplied, their exponents are added.

ab x ac = a b+c

Law of Quotient

The law of quotient (the quotient rule) states that when the base of two numbers is the same and are being divided, their exponents are subtracted.

ab / ac = ab-c

Law of Zeroes

The law of zero exponent states that any number with an exponent of zero will equal one.

a0 = 1

Law of Negatives

The law of negative exponents states the number of times the reciprocal will multiply itself.

A-b = 1/ab

Law of Power to the Power

The law of power to the power (the power rule) states that if there is an exponent on a base that already has an exponent, the exponents will multiply one another.

(ab)c = abc

The Law of Power of Product

The law of power of products states that the result of the exponent of a product of two values equals the product of two values having the same exponent.

(ab)c = ac bc

The Law of Power of Quotient

The law of power of quotient states that the result of the exponent of the division of two values equals the division of the two values with the same exponent.

(a/b)c = ac/bc

Simplifying Exponents

Learning the laws of exponents was the first step. Now, you need to know the order in which you should go about simplifying an expression or equation that may have them present. Follow the steps below to learn how to tame these often tricky equations or expressions:

Step 1: Solve the parentheses first. If the values inside are adding, subtracting, or multiplying, solve those first. Example, 3x (x + y) can be simplified into 3x2 + 3xy.

Step 2: Use the laws of exponents wherever applicable.

Step 3: Add or subtract the like term. x values will add or subtract with other x values, and y values will add or subtract with other y values. Likewise, any xy will add or subtract with other xy values.

Step 4: Write the expression from the highest exponent to the smallest. Example, x6y4z3


You have learned the laws of exponents and have understood the steps needed to simplify them. Now, all you need is practice. Try solving a few questions on your own, following the tricks we showed above.