These worksheets will teach your students how to balance various algebraic equations that contain radicals.

When you come across a problem that has a variable found under a radical symbol, we call that a radical equation. Your first job is to get the radical expression by itself. Sometimes you will find two radicals. In that case, just separate one of them. Your next step is to get rid of the radical. You can do this by raising both side of the equation to index of the radical. At that point you have freed the radical value. If you have a second radical, rinse and repeat. I would suggest focusing on square roots at first. As you have a good level of success, working with cube roots is the natural progression. I would also highly suggest that you check your solution by plugging it back into the value. Remember if you run into absolute values, you may have multiple solutions. Equations that contain a radical somewhere in there really can be intimidating for students. After they have success with a few problems, it becomes old hat really quickly. Students will work on correctly balancing algebraic equations that contain radicals and exponents, as well as the operations required to check the results.

We follow the crawl, walk, run approach to teaching you this skill. You will start with full provided solutions, progress to giving you an example followed by independent problems, and finish by letting you run with the problems on your own. These worksheets demonstrate how to solve radical equations and provide practice, review, and quiz sheets to help students master the skill.

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Print Equations With Radicals Worksheets

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Radical Equations - Lesson

Learn how to solve for radical equations. Example: √(x + 8) = 3

Worksheet 1

Solve the following 10 problems dealing with radical equations Example: 4 = √(2 + 2x)

Worksheet 2

Solve the following 10 problems dealing with radical equations Example: 8 = √(5 + 2x)

Review Sheet

Follow the steps to review how to solve the following equation: √(x + 8) = 3

Topic Quiz

For each problem: solve, then check your answers and score your total below. Example: 6 = √(3 + 4x)

Do Now

Complete the following problems, then put your answer in the "My Answer" box. Example: 5 = √(x + 15)