You will find a bunch of great ideas for your kindergarten through grade 2 math students on these sheets.

Your primary students (kindergarten through second) will have a blast practicing simple math skills with these entertaining class contests. From telling time to shape mysteries, picture books to show and tell, each worksheet will have your students racing the clock (or each other) to be the first to complete their assignment and win! These fun activities are designed to get your Kindergarten to 2nd grade level students active and participate together to work collaboratively and learn some new math skills.

Note for Instructors: You will need to ready for unexpected student behavior with these. Remember, these kids are learning to socialize in a new setting for the first time in their lives. So just about anything is possible.

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Making Time

Kindergarten aged students will practice telling time with this activity. While reading an appropriate book, ask students to come up to the front of the class and write the time down when you read it aloud.

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And Then There Were None

For Kindergarten aged students, this activity will give them a fun way to practice counting. They will each take five blocks (or Legos) and take one away at a time, saying the number that is left each time.

Shape Clues

This 1st Grade activity involves students choosing the correct clue that corresponds to a specific shape and placing that clue under the shape shown on the chalkboard.

Math Can Be Sweet-Subtraction and Addition

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, have them bring at least 10 pieces of candy (or fruit, etc.) to class. They will group up into twos or threes and practice sharing candy with each other and counting how many they have left after each exchange.

Shape Picture Booklets

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, set up work stations around the classroom with various items that students will cut out to construct picture books about shapes.

How Did You Spend Your Money Today?

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, write on the board a list of items on the board that someone might purchase. Then choose a dollar amount and ask the students to make a list combining a number of things that someone could do in a day with that dollar amount.

"Bring Round Objects to School" Day

For students Kindergarten to 2nd grade level, ask them to bring round objects from home to class. Then they will practice measuring the diameter of their items using rulers.

Create Your Own Fantasy World Using Shapes

Ask students to create fantasy worlds from their imaginations using various shapes they’ve learned about such as triangles, squares, circles, etc.

Learning About Height using National Monuments and Historical Places-Part One

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, prepare a sheet of blank paper on the classroom wall that is 5 feet tall. Ask the students to measure how tall each other is, then record their heights on the board.

The Five Continents

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, create five work stations around the room representing 5 continents. As a class, visit each continent placing the pictures in ascending order from shortest to tallest.

World's Smallest

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, bring images of some of the world's smallest creatures, then have students arrange them in order by size.

Food for Thought

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade students, have the children draw the numbers 1 to 10 as big as they can on the poster board provided. Then have them trace their numbers in glue and stick food items such as Cheerios on the numbers.

Counting Popsicle Sticks and Fingers

Using popsicle sticks, students will create hands and practice counting their "fingers."

Number Bomb

Students stand in a circle and throw a ball to each other and tell each student to clap as they throw the ball into the air.

Cotton Swab Math

For Kindergarten to 2nd Grade, this makes for a fun activity where children use colored cotton swabs to learn counting skills.

Let's Make Cookies!

Teach the students about different units of measurement by making cookies together as a class. Yum!

Food Party

For this activity, students participate in a food party, and before eating they are asked to group items on the table into quantities of 10.

Fruit Sections

For this activity, students will learn about the concept of cutting an item in half with real fruit as a demonstration.


Use students for this demonstration of how to create (and follow) a pattern. Students will stand at the front and each one will turn a different direction. The students will add an extra student and instruct him or her to follow the pattern and face the correct direction.

King/Queen of the Classroom

For this activity, students will practice estimating amounts using large jars of colorful items, such as candy or paper. The winner will be king or queen for the day.

How Much Can You Do In an Hour?

After teaching the concept of time (minutes, seconds, and hours), ask students to plan a schedule for the day.

Counting Colors

For this activity, students will count the number of items in the room that match a specific color.

Odds and Evens Hop Scotch

For this activity, students will get outside and practice the concept of "odd" and "even" by playing the hopscotch game.

Shall We Dance?

For this activity, students will learn dance moves and practice counting while they do.


For this activity, students will learn about 2D versus 3D by comparing cubes and images.

Math Maze

Create a maze on paper, then ask students to solve math problems in order to escape the maze.