Your students will use a 10x10 number grid in order to answer basic math problems.

Counting is a key skill that needs to be committed to memory. The most fundamental range to start with is to count up to the value of 100. We work on counting up to the 100 from 1. We start by first becoming familiar with the 100 chart. We move on to filling in parts of the chart. The worksheets will help your elementary students learn how to use a number grid in order to solve basic math problems. 100s charts are great for counting and addition, but they really come in handy for learning multiplication. We'll get there!

These activities and practice worksheets will help your students to learn how number charts can help them answer math questions. Students will use addition and subtraction, and use critical thinking skills to answer the questions.

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Print Counting to 100 Chart Worksheets

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A 100 Chart - Meet the Skill

Follow the instructions to learn how to use a number chart.

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Try the Skill

For each question, use the number chart to fill in the blank.

A 100 Chart - Practice the Skill

Using the number chart, fill in the missing numbers.

Practice the Skill Twice

Fill in each blank with an appropriate number.

Show the Skill

For each box, calculate and fill in the blanks with the answer.

A 100 Chart - Warm Up

For each area, calculate and fill in the blanks with the answer.