The following worksheets will give your students practice identifying numbers that appear in a sequence.

We move forward with advancing our goal towards using math operations with this complement of worksheets. Students work on finding the number that comes before or after the number in a math statement. Working off of the 100 number chart students should be able to form a solid opinion on the number that falls in that range. Students are working on how to identify the numbers that come before and after a given number in a sequence. All numbers are between 100 and 1000.

These lessons and activities are designed to help elementary students learn how to count 3- and 4-digit numbers and think critically about number sequences.

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Print Before and After Counting Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key.

Before and After - Meet the Skill

Follow the steps given to practice counting consecutive, 3-digit numbers.

Try the Skill

See a problem that is fully completed for you and then try your hand at two problems of your own.

Practice the Skill

For each, find the missing numbers and fill in the blanks.

Practice the Skill Twice

Determine the missing sequence.

Show the Skill

A nice solid bit of practice for you.

Before and After - Warm Up

See if you can complete these number sequences.