The following worksheets will give your students practice adding numbers based on their place value.

This section of our website focuses on reviewing and deeply understanding the concept of place values. There is a huge diversity of how each page is presented to students. The basic concept that students learn is that each successive place value is ten greater than the last. As students learn to navigate columns it becomes pretty easy for them. We will find the sum of numbers based on their place value (ones, tens, hundreds). Students will also convert numbers from word to numeral form.

Using these worksheets, students will practice the addition principle to add numbers based on their place value, and they will learn how to convert numbers in word form into numerical form.

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Print Counting By Adding Place Values Worksheets

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Adding Place Value Sets

Learn how to add multiple numbers broken up by place vaules together. Example: 700 + 30 + 3 = ____

Sums of Hundreds and Ones

Given a number and a place value, underline the number that is more, then write them in the form of numbers.

Adding Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

You have sum values that are broken into hundreds place, tens place, and ones place. Put them together and make them one.

Comparing Places and Number Form

Underline the value that is larger and then write that value in number form.

More Place Value Sum Worksheet

More work form practice on this skill find the sum of mixed ones, tens, and hundreds place values.

Comparing Place Values and Number Form

For each problem, underline the larger number and then write that value in the form of a number.