These worksheets will give your students practice identifying groups with the correct number of items.

Over the course of these worksheets students will first start to compare sets of images or objects. They will independently count the number of items in each set and then offer a comparison between the two groups. This leads students towards the concept of number comparison and toward the topic of greater than, less than, and equal. These fun activity sheets will help your elementary students practice their counting skills. Students will identify (color or circle) the group that contains the same number of items as the given prompt.

These activities and lessons are designed to help students practice their counting skills by a combination of counting shapes and following instructions. Specifically, students will color in the correct group of shapes.

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Counting By Color Number Sets

Learn how to count sets of numbers. Color the correct set of shapes the given value.

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Counting Sets of 4

For each, color the group of shapes that equals 4. This also serves as good way to learn to compare sets.

Counting Sets of 2 - Worksheet 2

Color the groups of images that is equal to 2.

Counting Sets of 5- Worksheet 3

For each, color the group of shapes that equals 5. This flows with the previous worksheet.

Counting Sets Review Worksheet

Follow along with the example, then practice by coloring each group of shapes that is equal top the value of 3.

Counting Sets of 2

Get your coloring tools ready and find the images that are in twos.

Counting Sets of 3 Lesson

Follow the instructions. Draw a circle around the set of 3.

Counting Sets of Numbers 2 to 5 - Guided Practice

This sheet provides students with a complete lesson on the topic and then offers 2 problems for them to complete.

Counting Sets of 2 Practice Worksheet

Draw a circle around each set that has 2 of the same shape.

Try That Again

Another move to find three objects that are grouped up.

Counting Set Worksheet

Which set has a group of three? Color each group of shapes that equals 4.

Warm Up Page

Color each group of shapes that equals 5.