The following worksheets will help your students practice their counting by identifying the missing numbers.

A great way to solidify your ability to count is to work with broken counting sequences. You will be presented with a series of five to ten numbers that are either in sequential order or skip counts. Fill in any and all of the missing numbers. The easier sheets are found at the top of this page. As you move down the worksheets get progressively more difficult. Students will practice their counting by identifying the missing numbers in a given range. Students will fill in the blanks in charts and number lines.

Students will use these worksheets, lessons, and quizzes to practice their counting skills. They will learn how to evaluate a number set to determine which numbers are missing in the set so that they can fill in the blanks.

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Print Counting With Missing Numbers Worksheets

Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key.

Missing Numbers Lesson

Follow the steps below the number set and write the missing numbers in the blanks.

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Missing Number Counts Practice Sheet

Students will complete the counting sequences found at each problem. The first problem is completed and explained for you.

Missing Counts Worksheet

The worksheets focus on the completing the pre-set range of numbers.

Missing Number Sequences

There are ten number sequences here that are missing 2 or 3 values that belong to the sequence. Shore that up for us.

Complete the Counts Worksheet

There is a slightly different look to these sequences. If you print them in color, students will appreciate it.

Warm Up Worksheet

For each number set, determine the number range and then write the missing numbers in the blanks. There are three problems here.

Counting Sequence Lesson

Start from the number where the number start missing. Fill in the blanks in consecutive sequence.

Missing Number - Worksheet 1

A nice mix of different counting range sequences can be found here.

Cut Off Counts

Complete the count found at each of the image sets.

Review worksheet

Review the method for determining the range of a given set of numbers and filling in the blanks for any numbers that are missing.


Can you fill in all those missing numbers? The go from simple black and white versions to full color versions.

Do Now Worksheet

This is a great worksheet to either review this topic or to introduce it and see where the kids are at.