The following worksheets will help your students add decimals with values in the tenths place.

We start students thinking about the concept of what a decimal is by presenting the values in fraction form. This is then transferred to using a numbers line and showing the movement of an addition build on that line. Two of the worksheets provide students with a completely functional numbers line so that they may highlight the visual movement of a decimal sum to the tenths.

The worksheets provide students with a variety of techniques for solving decimal addition and subtraction problems, including converting to fractions and using a decimal number line.

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How to Convert Decimals to Fractions with a Denominator of 10

This worksheet explains the process of converting decimals to fractions with a denominator of 10. Fractions greater than one whole are also covered.

Decimal Number Line Jump

This worksheet explains how to use number lines to add or subtract decimals to the tenths. Two practice problems are provided.

Adding Decimals to the Tenths

Ten problems provide students with an opportunity to practice simple decimal addition. Decimals are to the tenths.

Fill in the Missing Decimal

Students must add a decimal to the decimal provided, so that the sum of the two decimals equals on the whole number. Decimals are to the tenths.

Addition and Subtraction with a Decimal Number Line

Students will practice using a decimal number line to add and subtract simple decimals. Eight word problems are provided.

Decimals to the Tenths: Assorted Problems

Students will solve an assortment of different problems involving decimals to the tenth. Problems include straightforward addition, find the addend, and use of a decimal number line.