The following worksheets will give your students practice in dividing three and four digit numbers.

In the financial world, this is one of the most common calculations with the workforce. Payroll administrators are constantly focused on converting (mostly through the operation of division) 4-digit into 3-digit numbers. The focus of our lessons is to demonstrate where the digit should be placed to help you organize your process through the entire quotient. We also provide you with a well-spoken trail through the process of all the problems. I would highly encourage students to draw a picture, when they can, to model these operational scenarios, but this will more apply to word problems. Remember to fact check yourself. If you remember division is just repeated subtraction. You can check your answer by multiplying it with your divisor. Remainders tend to make the problems a bit more confusing for students.

These worksheets explain how to divide three and four-digit numbers into four digit numbers. In this section we will provide with a full drawn out step by step lesson. We advance to providing you with ten problems several times over to help you grow. Students will be asked to show quotients and remainders in their answers. Good thing we keep the remainders to a minimum on this page. There are two clear lessons, quizzes, and review sheets here for you. As you scroll down, just read the titles to help you find them.

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Print 3 and 4 Digit into 4 Digit Division Worksheets

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3 and 4 Digit into 4 Digit Division Lesson

This worksheet explains how to do 3 and 4 digit into 4 digit division. A sample problem is solved.


When the divisor has two or more digits, we have to take care that every time we need to subtract the multiple of the divisor from the dividend we can't break it in digits.


Divide the following numbers.

Dividing 3 and 4 Digits into 4 Digits Worksheet

These are setup to add a good amount of room to work with.


Make sure to note the location of the decimals and what the final answer needs to take in account.

Warm Up

A nice sheet to share and work on as a class.

Review and Practice

So we write 484 under 677 and 2 as quotient.

Dividing into 4 Digits Worksheet

Use what you have learned so far to solve these the best that you can.


I suggest counting the place values from the start of each problem and noting what your final answer has to be in.

Skills Refresher

We walk you through the six step process.


A great way to gauge where you stand with this skill.

Skills Check

Space is provided for students to copy the correct answer to each problem when provided.