These worksheets will give your students practice dividing values by the numbers one through twelve.

When we start students off with the division operation, we often present it as an operation that is either repeated subtraction or sharing. It is natural to start off by using the same number of groups or times that a value is subtracted when working with students. This builds a form of consistency and eventual a structure that they not only get accustomed to but thrive with over time. In this series of quotient operation worksheets students will be consistently performing operations with the same divisor(s) over and over. The repetition is really helpful when trying to commit simple processes to memory.

The font used on these sheets is blatantly large and clear. They will purposely line up very well and allow children to create columns with vertical lines so that they don't lose their place. Given numbers will be divided by the numbers one through twelve. There are no remainders in these problems at all. In this series of worksheets, students can practice simple division problems. Dividers range from 1 to 12. Dividends are two and three-digit numbers. Each printable worksheet consists of ten problems that students will work with. The y first five problems will have a fixed divisor and the last five problems will have a divisor that is the next consecutive number.

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Print Fixed Number Division Worksheets

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Division By 1 and 2

They print in a large and bold font. The numerals 1 and 2 are divided into three-digit numbers.

Division By 3 and 4

Don't get tripped when working with odd digits. The numerals 3 and 4 are divided into two and three-digit numbers.

Division by 5 and 6

In most cases simple math facts will help solve each problem. The numerals 5 and 6 are divided into two and three-digit numbers.

Division by 7 and 8

The numerals 7 and 8 are divided into two and three-digit numbers. I find that students have the most trouble with 7s because they always leave behind weird values.

Division by 9 and 10

The numerals 9 and 10 are divided into two and three-digit numbers. Stay organized more than normal when working with 9s, they can get away from you.

Division by 11 and 12

For some reason students are particularly strong with quotients with 12 as the divisor. It might have to do with those marble composition books that have the 12 x 12 times tables. We always need to buy a few of those each school year. The numerals 11 and 12 are divided into two and three-digit numbers.