This set of worksheets gives your students practice in graphing division problems using number lines.

Division is basically repeated fixed subtraction and, in many cases, when finding the difference between two integers you will have some left over numbers. When we are dividing, we call these left over numbers remainders. In this section of our site you will find printable pages that include lessons and practice problems that display division on a number line. It is a very helpful method to help students understand remainders quickly. In this section we ask students to graph division problems on number lines, representing both quotients and remainders. Students will also be asked to provide multiplication checks of their answers.

These worksheets explain how to use a number line to solve and check simple division problems. All problems have single-digit divisors and double-digit dividends.

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Print Visual Remainders on Numbers Line Worksheets

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Using a Number Line to Check Division

This worksheet demonstrates the use of a number line to check simple division with a remainder. A sample problem is solved.

Division with a Number Line

This worksheet explains how to use a number line to do simple long division. Two practice problems are included.

Number Line Division Practice

Students will practice using a number line to perform and check simple long division. Ten problems are provided.

Simple Number Line Division

Students will demonstrate proficiency in using number lines to solve and check simple division problems. Dividends are two digits.

Ten Number Line Division Problems

Students will practice solving and checking division problems using a number line. Number line ranges from 0 to 30.

Number Line Division Warm-up

Students will solve three simple division problems using a number line. Dividends are two-digit numbers.