This set of worksheets gives your students practice determining divisors to reach a specified answer.

Division is a critical skill that we use every single day, but do not even realize it. Every time you sit down to share, you use division. When that pizza arrives and you are starving, better hope you know how to divide it evenly. What to make sure you are getting your fair share? Then division skills are important to you. Ever been part of a band? Whether it be an electric guitar or trombone, musical compositions are divided into parts that each musician in a group most understand for the piece to work. Want to create teams quickly, divide the number of players by two. Want to create four teams, instead divide by four. As you advance through math and life, for that matter, you will realize how important this stuff is to help you succeed in the real world.

Students really like games. We present students with a bunch of games, in the form of a puzzle. Your task here is to find the box that contains the *. Your step is to determine the successive path (box to box) that you would need to take to reach the final quotient equal to the value in the terminal green box. Every time you move to a new box you will need to divide the value you currently have. These worksheets contain division puzzles for your students to solve. Students must determine the correct divisors in order to reach the answer given at the end of the puzzle. These worksheets explain how to use simple division to follow a “trail” through a puzzle. You will find that students will become more engage with this material because it is in a puzzle format.

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Print Division Puzzles Worksheets

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Sample Division Puzzle

A sample division puzzle is solved using single-digit divisors and dividends. Step-by-step explanations are provided.

Division Puzzles

Step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to solve a division puzzle. Two practice problems are provided.

Division Puzzle Practice

Students will sharpen simple division skills by finding the trail through each puzzle. Ten puzzles are provided.

Solving Division Puzzles

Students will demonstrate proficiency in simple division skills by solving these slightly more complex puzzles. Includes ten puzzles.

Find the Trail Using Division

Students will use the division operation only to find a trail through each puzzle. Eight puzzles are provided.

Division Puzzles Warm-up

Students will solve three puzzles by identifying divisors to find the trail. Three puzzles are provided.