This set of worksheets gives your students practice solving division problems by using repeated subtraction.

Division is commonly presented as sharing. Which is pretty accurate, but when you think about it does it also relate to subtraction. Each equal sized group that is sharing this value subtracts its distinct unit until nothing is left. What if you had thirty baseballs and you need to share those with six teams? You could set it up as 30 รท 6 which would equal five groups. You could also keep subtracting six until you either hit zero or a value less than six. The problems are virtually identical. Using simple division based word problems we encourage students to see how subtraction can be used, at first. When looking at the problems focus on what is being asked of you and what you are being given. We also show students how to do bunched subtraction which quickly leads them to learning to divide without even knowing it.

The problems are presented in a word problem form to help students grasp the context of what they are doing and quickly learn how to apply this to real world problems. When we bring problems to life like this for students that give it higher priority and value what they have learned more. There are no remainders for any of these exercises. These worksheets demonstrate how to use repeated subtraction to solve division problems. Sample problems are solved, and ample practice problems are provided for students.

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Division as Repeated Subtraction: Explanation

Linda has 654 candies. If she puts 3 candies in a bag, how many bags will she need? Let's figure it out and keep count of the bags as we subtract (puts in bags) the candies.

Practice Problems

Jeff has 544 baseball cards. If he puts 4 cards in each bags, how many bags will he need?

Division Word Problems

We approach these story based problem using the same method. Make sure to take your time to understand what each problem is look for and asking you to do.

Repeated Subtraction Word Problems

Demonstrate your proficiency in solving these problems. You can use the strategy of your choice. Ten word problems are provided.

Using Repeated Subtraction to Solve Problems

Students can practice using repeated subtraction to solve division problems. Eight word problems are provided.


Students will show they have mastered using repeated subtraction to solve division problems. Three problems are provided.