These worksheets will give your students practice dividing simple numbers by a single digit divisor.

There are a number of different things you can do to increase your level of success with these. Start by making sure you understand all parts of a simple division equation. There are three and sometimes four key parts in any division problem. The dividend is the amount you want to divide up. The divisor is the number of groups you are breaking the dividend into. The outcome of this operation is called the quotient. If there is any value left over it is termed the remainder. When teaching division for the first time, we would suggest a few things that you should take under consideration. The first suggestion is to make sure that students have a very good understanding of their times tables before moving on to division. The next suggestion we have is to completely leave out the concept of remainders until students are pretty strong with this skill. When performing quotients with single digits it is definitely helpful if there are not remainders. These problems do not result in left over remainders.

These worksheets offer students explanations and opportunities to practice simple division using single digit divisors. Some problems include remainders. The worksheets toward the top of this page are in a large and very legible font, great for beginners. As you scroll down, more and more problems will be available on the page. Obviously the pages towards the bottom are for students that understand what they are doing. Students will divide simple dividends by a single digit divisor and determine if there is a remainder.

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Print Single Digit Division Worksheets

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Simplest Single Digit Division

This worksheet provides ten simple division problems. Divisors and dividends are all low number single digits.

Big Digits Practice Sheet

Ten single-digit division problems are provided. Divisors and dividends go up to 9.

Operations Drill

All of these problems will cleanly work out for you.

Double Digit Dividends

In these slightly more complex problems, students will divide single digits into double-digit numbers. Includes 10 problems.

Divisors and Dividends

Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency dividing single digits into double digits. Ten problems are provided.

Mixed Dividends

We work on this skill in a more in-depth setting.

Remainders Lesson

This worksheet introduces the concept of remainders into this skill.

Practice Skills

We divide three into twenty-one. As the number 2 is smaller than the divisor '3', so we take 21 together

Practice Problems

Here are ten problems for you to work with.

Dividends with Remainders

See how you do with these types of problems as we go through all of them.

More Dividends with Remainders

Most of the problems provided include remainders. Others are remainder free.

Full On Review

A comprehensive overview of single-digit division into double-digit dividends. Includes problems with remainders.

Skills Warm-Up

You can't have a better way to introduce a topic to students.