These worksheets will give your students practice in dividing large numbers without having any remainders.

Triple digit division can get confusing unless you have a very good handle on your basic times tables. Since the divisor has three digits, we must start with the first three digits of the dividend. I always start by simply eyeing them up. If the divisor is less than the dividend, we are good to go. We can just start dividing. If the divisor is greater than the dividend, this is where we run into problems. In this case, we will need to extend the problem to the next place value. If you ever become a business owner, you perform these operations very often. When students hear this, they will often say that they will be able to use a calculator in the real world, but if you do not understand the root of the calculation you really are not grasping what is happening. We work with three-digit divisors to determine a series of quotients. The numbers are large that you are trying to cut into, but if you use this a form of subtraction you will quickly see how power that technique can be for you and your students.

These worksheets provide step-by-step solutions to practice problems, as well as offer students an opportunity to work with three digits as both divisors and dividends. Students will divide large dividends by simple to complex divisors. There are no remainders present in any of these sheets.

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Print Triple Digit Division Worksheets

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Three Digit Division

This worksheets provides ten problems with three-digit divisors. Dividends are four digits.

3 Digit Divisors

More complex problems for students with proficiency in division. Dividends are in the thousands.

Higher Three Digit Divisors

Ten problems with divisors in the high hundreds. Dividends are four-digit numbers.

Lesson Practice

This worksheet provides the step-by-step solution of a sample problem. Divisor is a single digit and two sample problems are provided.

No Remainders

You will need to break these down into simple stages you can work with.

Practice For You

Students will drill on their division skills. Ten practice problems are provided.

Triple Digit Review

This worksheet offers a step-by-step review of the division process. Get at it.

Practice Problems

Get through all these problems to help you understand the concept.


Ten triple digit division problems will test students’ proficiency. No problems include remainders.

Knowledge Check

This worksheet includes space for students to work the problems, as well as space to copy down the correct solution to compare to their work. No remainders.