These worksheets will teach your students how to estimate the product of given multiplication questions.

When we want to get a quick idea of the outcome of a multiplication problem we go back to rounding. In most cases we round the tens place to the nearest ten. We do this by dropping the ones place value to a zero and rounding that tens place to the nearest tens place. If it is less than five, round down. If it is five or greater, round that tens place up. Once you have the values rounded, take a quick product of the values. In some circumstances this can be good enough, but in other cases this can be way off. So you need to evaluate your exact situation to see if it will work for your needs. The best way to improve your skills with this is to practice as much as you can. This skill focuses on the values present prior to the operation of multiplication. Products often can vary greatly from their actual value if the correct estimate is not made prior to the operation.

These worksheets start with the simple concept of estimating prior to determining products. The worksheets show their true meaning when we get into word problems that students will see in their everyday life. Students will quickly understand why they are learning this math skill. Estimate the product of two multiples by rounding one or both factors. These worksheets explain how to estimate the value of products by rounding factors up to the nearest ten.

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How to Estimate Products

This worksheet explains how to estimate products by rounding a factor or both factors to the nearest ten. A sample problem is solved.

Estimating Products

Each question on a game show is worth 83 points. A contestant answered 42 questions correctly. Estimate how many points the contestant earned.

Practice With Products

Ten problems are provided involving single, double, and triple-digit numbers. Students must round to the nearest ten to estimate the answer to each problem.

Word Problems

A ketchup company purchased 78 shipments of tomatoes. There were 23 tomatoes in each shipment. About how many tomatoes did the company purchase in all? Estimate.

Factors to the Nearest Ten

Estimate the products by rounding a factor or both factors to the nearest ten. Don't round both if you can calculate in your head just by rounding one factor.

Skill Warm Up

Estimate the cost of 333 feet long wire at $2.56 per feet.