These worksheets will teach your students how to solve for variables contained in exponential equations.

Students will spend a good bit of time balancing equations and determining variables in both expressions and equations. Students find this difficult because we are often focused on finding the value of a part of an exponent. Before this series of worksheets students have just been asked to work with bases that were raised to a power. We will often use this property in this section: If bx = by, then x = y, (where b=0 and b is not equal to 0). The relevant properties have been provided.

These worksheets explain how to solve equations containing exponential expressions. Exponent math is a must before attempting any of the problems on these worksheets.

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A Lesson in Rational Fractional Exponents

This worksheet explains how to solve equations containing exponential expressions. It solves a sample problem and includes two practice problems.

Exponential Expressions and Equations

Students must solve each expression for the indicated variable. Ten problems are provided.

Solving Equations with Exponential Expressions

This worksheet provides ten problems using exponential expressions. In each instance, students must solve for the indicated variable.

Equations with Exponential Expressions - Review

A step-by-step review of how to solve equations with exponential expressions. Six practice problems are provided.

Equations with Exponential Expressions - Quiz

Students will demonstrate their proficiency solving equations that include exponential expressions. There are ten equations to solve.

Equations with Exponential Expressions - Warm Up

Students must find solve each equation using exponential expressions. Space is provided to copy the correct answer when provided.