The following activity sheets will teach your students how to solve functions that contain exponents.

What are exponential functions? In science, an exponential capacity is a component of the structure. As elements of a genuine variable, exponential capacities are particularly described by the way that the development pace of such a capacity (that is, it's subordinate) is straightforwardly relative to the estimation of the capacity. The consistent proportionality of this relationship is the characteristic logarithm of the base b. Its pervasive event in unadulterated and applied arithmetic has driven mathematician W. Rudin to opine that the exponential capacity is the most significant capacity in science. In applied settings, exponential capacities model a relationship in which a consistent change in the autonomous variable gives a similar corresponding change (that is, rate increment or abatement) in the needy variable. It happens broadly in the normal and sociologies, concerning a self-repeating populace, a store gathering accruing funds or a developing assortment of assembling mastery. In the study of physics you will often run into exponential functions are paramount to understanding the world around us. In the study of biology they are often used to show us the growth and /or loss of a population. In these systems, the function almost doubles in size every time a single unit is added to its output.

Exponential functions change at a vastly increased or decreased rate than your everyday function. As a result of this, you should expect graphed curved to move quickly up or down. These worksheets explain how to solve exponential functions, to include finding domains, ranges, and values. Your students will use these worksheets in order to practice solving functions that contain exponents. Students are expected to already be familiar with cofunctions, composite functions, coordinate grids, ranges, domains, etc.

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Exponential Functions Lesson

This worksheet explains how solve exponential functions. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided. You will be walked through all the steps that you need to know.


If you change the rate of using exponents, something will increase or decrease exponentially. In a graph plotting, rate must appear as a straight line. But there will be a curve that continuously becomes steeper or shallower.

Quick Practice

Students will find values, ranges, or domains of the exponential functions given. Ten problems are provided.

Skill Review and Practice

Students review how to solve exponential functions. Six practice problems are provided. Example exercise: For what values of x will the function y =55x be greater than or equal to one?

Skill Quiz

Students will demonstrate their proficiency working with this skill. Ten problems are provided.

Class Check

In mathematics, exponential function is the most essential one. You have to agree that the rank of linear function must be in higher ratio. If you want to form one these guys, independent variable will remain an exponent. For example, a simple function is; Example exercise: Is the function 12.6x the same as the function 12x