These worksheets will teach your students how to construct angles using a compass and straightedge.

How do you draw angles with a straight edge and a compass? When you're studying geometry, you are provided with all the tools which are necessary to make geometrical figures. However, if you're provided with a straight edge or a ruler and a compass, how can you make angles on it. Let us sequentially discuss them. 1. First, start with a ray. Let A be the vertex at which the first angle will be constructed. 2. Now, let's take a compass and place the tip on A and draw an arc at point X, which cuts both A and the next B. Make sure you retain the width of the compass for the remaining steps. 3. The next step is to place the compass on X and draw another arc Y, which cuts at some point above. 4. Now, place the tip at Y and draw an arc adjacent to the previous one named Z. 5. Now, connect all of the arcs with a ruler to draw a line and extend to form a ray named AC. The measure of the angle will be 30°.

These worksheets provide you with the basic recipe for creating the angle that they fully describe. In all cases you will need a compass and a straight edge of some kind. If you have some graphing paper handy, that will always help your cause. Over the majority of the worksheets you will be assigned, you will need to draw two lines to determine a specific angle. This is often difficult for teachers to grade because they need to do the same protractor work as their students. These worksheets explain how to construct angles and line segments. Students will also learn about congruent figures by replicating given shapes.

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Print Drawing Angles Worksheets

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Drawing Angles Lesson

This worksheet explains how to construct an angle using a compass and a straight edge. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

We walk you through all the steps such as step 2: Place the compass and make a half circle on which we want to make the angle.(Same to the figure).

Constructing Angles Worksheet

Students will construct a diagram of what is describe in each exercise. Ten descriptions of angles are provided.

Practice Worksheets

If you have a protractor handy, these can be easy to finish quickly.

Drawing Drill

Draw exactly what is described in each instance quickly.

Constructing Line Segments and Angles Lesson

This worksheet explains how to construct a copy of a given triangle. A sample problem is solved.

Lesson and Practice

This worksheets explains how to construct a shape using the line segments that are provided. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.

Skill Worksheet

You will devise and put everything together as you are asked for.

More Practice

Students will construct the angles or lines described. Ten problems are provided.

Skill Drill

Students will read each description and construct as indicated. Eight problems are provided.

Drawing Warm Up

Get more familiar with this skill or review everything you have already learned. Three problems are provided.