These worksheets will teach your students how to calculate the interior angles of different shapes.

In order to have a geometric figure, you need at least three sides. We can determine the sum of the interior angles of any geometric figure based on the number of sides it has. You simply take the number of sides and subtract that by a value of two. Then find the product of that difference and one-hundred and eighty. Using this simple formula we can learn a great deal about the nature of the angles and bisectors within that figure.

These worksheets explain how find the sum of interior angles of a geometric shape. Students will also determine how many sides a shape has, and angle degrees.
How do you determine the sums of interior angles of a geometric shape? The primary point estimation we will talk about is the total of the proportion of inside edges. Long name, I know. All it implies is that we are going to locate the all-out estimation of all the interior points consolidated. What are the inside points, you inquire? The inside points are the edges you see inside the polygon at each corner. So a triangle, for instance, has three interior points since it has three corners. A pentagon has five inside edges since it has five corners. Do you perceive how it functions now? It is ideal for us that we have a helpful recipe we can use to discover this aggregate. Total of the Measure of Interior Angles = (n - 2) 180. Indeed, the recipe instructs us to deduct two from n, which is the all outnumber of sides the polygon has, and afterward to increase that by 180. We can check this recipe to check whether it works out. We realize that the edges of a triangle will consistently indicate 180. In this way, we should take a stab at finding the entirety of the inside edges of a customary triangle. We have three sides, so our n is 3. We plug that in, and we get (3 - 2) 180 = 1 x 180 = 180.

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Sum of Interior Angles Lesson

This worksheet explains how to find the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon. A sample problem is solved, and two practice problems are provided.


Students will find the sum of the interior angles of each described shape. Example problem: If the sum of the interior angles of a polygon equals 2420, then determine the sides of the polygon?

My Practice

Students will determine the measure of the specified angle or how many sides a shape consists of. Ten problems are provided. Example: How many degrees are there in the sum of the interior angles of a eighteen sided polygon?

Review and Practice

This worksheet covers a host different measures that may not thought you could get from this to start. Example: How many degrees are there in the sum of the interior angles of a five sided polygon?

Skill Quiz

Students will demonstrate their proficiency finwith putting this skill into action. Ten problems are provided.

Sum of Interior Angles Skills Check

Students will find the find the sum of the interior angles of the given shapes and also determine the number of sides a polygon has by the magnitude of the angles present. Three word problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.