These worksheets will teach your students the proper terminology and calculations for points of concurrency.

What are the points of concurrency? It is only one point that we can share three or more lines. Constructed lines in the triangle's interior are the best place where you can to find the points of concurrency. You construct a point of concurrency for each of the following ones in a triangle; Medians, Perpendicular bisectors, Angle bisectors, Altitudes in a triangle. We will have four different points of concurrency when you could make four different types of line segments for the triangle. The intersection of a specific line segment has a relation with each point of concurrency such as; Centroid - Medians, Circumstances - perpendicular bisectors, Incenter - angle bisectors, Orthocenter - altitudes. Triangle's interior must not have two of the four points of concurrency while constructing the line segment as triangle's part. You can place circumcenter and the orthocenter inside or outside the triangle. Unique Facts - Let's learn a few interesting points about the point pf concurrency that are always true; You will always find the orthocenter at the right triangle's vertex. Triangle's centroid should always be present in between the triangle's orthocenter and circumcenter. The distance between centroid and circumcenter is half the distance between the centroid and orthocenter. You will always find the circumcenter inside the accurate triangle.

A point of concurrency is the point where three or more lines intersect at a single point. We look various definitions that fit along with concurrence including centroid (point where all medians are concurrent.), circum center (point where all perpendicular bisectors are concurrent.), orthocenter (point where all altitudes are concurrent.), and in-center (point where all angle bisectors are concurrent.). Over this collection of worksheets you will use all of this geometric terminology. These worksheets explain concurrence. Your students will use these activity sheets to learn how to properly identify points of concurrence (intersections) in different figures, as well as how to calculate their value.

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Concurrence Lesson

This worksheet explains the concepts and uses of concurrence. A sample question is answered, and two practice questions are provided.


Example question: The distance from the orthocenter of a scalene triangle to the centroid is 10 units. How far is the centroid from the circumcenter?

More Practice

Third median always passes through the same point as the other two median?

Review and Practice

The point at which all altitudes are concurrent is called orthocenter. We work off of that point.


Example problem: What is the name of perpendicular from a vertex to the opposite side?

Skills Check

Students will answer questions based off of this topic by using the visual aid provided. Three questions are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.