These worksheets introduce your students to geometric congruence, and how to calculate values with it.

How do you draw geometric shapes based on their equations? When you are learning geometric shapes, it usually deals with angle or side measurements. However, there's more to what meets our understanding. In other words, equations based on geometric shapes are another area are you learn in advanced mathematics. But how do you draw those figures? that simpler than you think! It only requires you to first understand which equation does a geometric shape belongs to. For instance, if that x2 +y2 = 1, we know that this is a circle with the radius one and the center at the origin. But, there are other equations that can tell us the nature of shapes as well. Equations of parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, triangles, etc. all have distinct equations. Their standardized equations will act as the identifier for drawing their respective shapes.

This section is really cool! These worksheets really put your students to the test. You will be given a geometric recipe of sorts. Sometimes you are looking for the measure of an angle, other times you are creating a polygon. This is a great review section that I often like to do with my students when we start to review for the year end exam. This includes very comprehensive lessons and practice sheets. Who doesn't love building stuff? These worksheets explain congruence and how to solve for a missing value or variable. Students will use the properties of congruence (and balancing algebraic formulas) to calculate the value of angles and other variables.

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Geometric Constructions Lesson

This worksheet provides a lesson in congruence. A sample problem is solved, and two practice questions are provided.


Students will find the missing value or measure as indicated. Ten questions are provided. Sample problem: Triangle XYZ is congruent to triangle X'Y'Z'. If angle Z is represented by 6x + 4 and angle Z' is represented by 5x + 5,find the measure of angle Z.

Practice Worksheet

Sample problem: Polygon QRST is congruent to polygon Q'R'S'T'.If 'Q " 'Q',the value of angle Q' is 2x + 32 and the value of angle Q is 8x - 23,find angle Q.

Review and Practice

The concept of congruence in geometric constructions is reviewed and applied to six practice questions are provided.


Lets see what they know and how it will change their ability.

Skills Check

Students will find the missing value or measure as indicated in a series of triangles. Three questions are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.