These worksheets teach your students how to construct lines that are congruent to given examples.

What are congruent lines, and what measures do they share? If two or more line segments have the same length, they are called congruent. Note that they don't have to be parallel. The line segments can be at any orientation or angle. To be congruent, the line segments just have to have the same distance between their endpoints. This is the measure that two congruent lines or line segments share. When you say that two line segments are congruent, you mean that they are equal. For instance, you can say that line AB and line YZ are equal because the length of AB equals that of YZ. However, the correct way to say this in geometry is, "line segments AB and YZ are congruent" or, "AB is congruent to YZ." When you draw diagrams of congruent line segments, the graphical way to show that they are congruent is to draw a single tick mark on the line. See the figure below to understand this. One thing to remember is that lines are rays cannot be congruent as they don't have a definite length because of not having defined endpoints.

The beauty of this set of worksheets is that everything is layered on a coordinate grid. This makes it easy to see changes in direction and unit of movement of lines. This section will ask students to draw lines specifically based on measures of segments or lines. Congruent lines are lines that are equal in length (meaning same). If you use the coordinate system, you can place the lines vertically or horizontally, it is completely up to you. These worksheets explains how to draw these lines and angles. Your students will use these activity sheets to learn how to construct lines that are congruent to given examples (including angles).

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Congruent Lines and Angles Lesson

This worksheet explains how to draw a congruent line. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

Draw an angle that is congruent to the angle given below in the picture. Place it anywhere in the picture.

Skills Worksheet

Students will draw segments congruent to the given segments. Ten descriptions are provided.

Congruent Lines and Angles Practice

Draw 5 segments congruent to the segment AB in the figure below. Put them in different places on the grid.

Skills Drill

Students will draw angles and segments congruent to the given angles and segments. Eight problems are provided.

Class Warm Up

Students will show what they have learned to help you along. Three problems are provided.